How to properly care for the skin of the child

The body of the newborn works according to individual laws – and even the skin differs from the skin sheets grown-up, so you care about her you need more thorough. Avoid inflammatory processes and vascular diseases need every day to perform a series of hygiene procedures. You skin care of the newborn ensures its purity, the lack of rashes and diaper rash, which will have an impact on the health status of the child.

Features of the structure of the skin of the newborn

skin care of the child

According to the appearance of the crumbs on the light surface of his skin covers a thin layer of lubricant, as a reliable barrier in the period of intrauterine development. Previously it was believed that the fat must be rubbed off or washed off, but the modern doctors recommend not to interfere with a biological process — and give it to completely soak into the skin of the child.

After the disappearance of the lubrication of the skin acquires a reddish tint, that is completely fine:

  • the phenomenon is caused by the increased number of red blood cells;
  • affects the proximity of blood vessels and lack of subcutaneous-lipid layer.

Perhaps the emergence of vascular drawings or "marble" in hypothermia infants.

Skin care is caused by its affection: it is soft and velvety, thanks to the cannon lanugo. Small pure hair covering his forehead, both shoulders, and even thighs crumbs. But already three days later, the surface of the skin becomes dry, and it may be flaking. That is the way of adaptation to the aquatic environment to flow, because the sebaceous glands are working up with the outages. The biggest flaking of the exposed legs of the toddler and her hands from the lack of the lipid face, stores moisture.

Sometimes the skin is covered with severe acne in the form of small white points – Mily. They are safe, if parents start their view or delete. Once it forms, in fact, work the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, disappear. Red pimples ("flowering") is indicative of hormonal restructuring of the child's body and also do not pose a health risk.

The rules of care

  1. To avoid accidental damage to the skin of a newborn baby's nails in adults it is necessary to briefly reduce and process the nail file.
  2. In the presence of the fungus, inflammatory processes or boils in an adult on your hands it is advisable to entrust the care of the skin of the baby healthy member of the family.
  3. Everything is good in moderation, therefore it is better to use usual baby soap without flavors and cream water-based.
  4. Used children's cosmetics should be of high quality.


Every day after waking up the child it is necessary to wash with warm boiled water. In the first weeks the water warms up on the 36, it is further possible to reduce the temperature up to 25 With.

  1. With closed wipe with a damp cotton disc in the direction from the outer corner to the inner.
  2. Discharge from the outside by wiping with a damp cotton swab.
  3. Twice a week gets rid of the outer layer of the loops. Do not forget to wipe the area, behind the ears, because there is accumulating debris, leading to inflammation.
  4. At the end of the procedure, to gently moist a piece of cotton wool approved the face infants.

Body care

In six months, infants need every day to bathe, and perform cleaning after each emptying of the bowel. Prevent the occurrence of diaper rash you air baths – it is advisable to practice several times a day for 10-15 minutes, make the skin to "breathe". To begin the procedure of one minute, gradually increasing the duration.

  1. Until will not heal umbilical Ranka, bathe baby in boiled water. Water cold up to 36 S, with soap daily use may not, and the washing head to perform twice a week. After the end of the water treatments of the wound process a green color. Before the diapers carefully blot (neither in a coma case, don't touch!) the body of the child with a towel or flannel diaper.
  2. Some pediatricians even do not recommend to bathe the baby the first 2-3 weeks, to place the infection in the navel. In this case, everything is in taurus child daily wipe with a soft cloth dipped in the boiled water. Especially carefully it is necessary to wash the folds and the space under the plenkyom.
  3. After each trip to the restroom, baby you need to wash away the expenses on hand from the genital area towards the gluteus maximus crease. Also, the washing out is carried out after each urination 3, to on this property is not listed diaper rash.
  4. Skin care infants involves the use of creams to protect the sensitive surface of the unpleasant incontinence. That ass does not sweat, it is necessary to use a cream under a diaper or childrens cream.
  5. After each swim all the skin folds on the body of the child necessarily wipe the baby oil appeared to diaper rash and skin dryness.

Possible problems

face care of the child

Even when parents know how to care for a child and his skin, not always works, to avoid problems:

  1. Most moms worried about the appearance at the head of the toddler krusty, that is not a disease. For their removal it is necessary to rub against bathing a child with a cream or vaseline oil. And when the child will be in the spa, wipe the affected head clean with a paper towel of gauze or a bandage. Strongly push, no need to injure the delicate skin – enough circular lung strokes.
  2. Upon the occurrence of heat rash should reconsider the habit spoil the child and give him too much warm things. You baths with chamomile infusion or decoction of oak bark.
  3. With the emergence of diaper rash it is necessary to wash away the baby after each urination and bowel movements, often changing diapers, and diapers. Diaper change should be accompanied by coating the inflamed area with a special cream. Recommended air baths.

Proper care is to give the child a good mood, health, and mother – the precious peace of mind. Enough to pay the necessary attention to the problematic body parts to avoid more serious skin disease.