Skin care facial at home

Beautiful, quite, well maintained face always attracts the attention of others. And the first thing we pay attention to when looking at man — on the condition of his skin. Stress, mood changes, sharp temperature fluctuations, chronic lack of sleep, bad habits are reflected on this part of the body is not the best way.

skin care in home conditions

They say that if the teenage girl has an unsightly look, all I need to blame nature and genes. If it is the same girl at the age of 30-years, so it is not able to change the situation for the better, the maximum hotel in its external data in the direction, it says about her laziness and lack of self-discipline. It is undeniable that genes have a great importance. But in order to have a perfect skin, even at the age of 50-60 years old, one of this factor is not enough. A good well-groomed skin — the result of everyday care for themselves. In addition, it at all does not have to expend increasing sums of money and regularly visit beauty salons. Proper care of the skin of the face can be ensured in the home.

To teach on their own properly care for the face, no worse than professional, it is first necessary to determine what type of skin you reports nature.

What types of skin are there?

In my practice the beautician used the following classification:

  • oily skin. Characteristic elements: a tendency to inflammatory processes, enlarged pores, there is a great probability of permanent occurrence of acne, excessive secretion of subcutaneous sebum, shiny gloss, gray shade;
  • dry facial skin looks particularly attractive at a young age. But after 25 years the owner of this type of skin, completely can feel on itself all their "charm": a constant feeling of pressure after washing, a tendency to develop peeling and irritation, redness on the chin, soon as the first wrinkles;
  • the normal type of facial skin, in fact, occurs very rarely. Features: matte surface of the skin, the lack of a greasy shine in problem areas, there is a low probability of occurrence of acne and peeling.

In addition to this classification excludes other types of the skin, which are characteristic of specific problems, which require careful individual approach: sensitive (increased reaction to changes in temperature, irritability, itching), fading (loose, with a lot of wrinkles), is problematic (constant irritation and a tendency to the formation of acne).
Once you have decided on the type of skin, you need to find out for themselves the question of how to learn how to correctly and competently care for your skin at home. Let's look at the steps in the care alternate.

Skin care facial at home

Cleansing. They are used to clean the skin of the face most of us? Correctly, using running warm water and soap. This is wrong. Every skin type needs an individual approach. The only aspect, corresponding to the parameters of each skin — washing is the need for soft water, this means that rainwater or thawed. Because to get that sort of water is very difficult (especially for urban residents), to ease her quite simply: in the process of cooking is necessary to add the borax, the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of substance in 2 liters of water.

how to properly care for the skin

A good alternative thawed the water for the owners of oily skin type is mineral water. Washing majiteléam this type of skin is to be not less than 3 times a day, with the help of foam. Clean the skin, it is possible, palms, exercise and gentle massage, or you can purchase a special toothbrush for the face.

Normal skin should be cleaned immediately after awakening and before bedtime using a gel facial wash, and dry — with the use of a cosmetic cream or lotion. Hydration. The main reason-a violation of the water balance in the skin — the effect of adverse climatic conditions. For its restoration it is not enough just often wash with water, still need to enjoy and moisturizing creams. For owners of dry skin is a cream with the addition of the powder from the rice and the juice of the aloe, oily — cosmetic products that contain zinc and sulfur, normal — cream with the addition of decoctions of herbs. Moisturize the skin when you are away from home, you can use the special wipes or thermal water.

The last stage of face care— nutrition. The main assistants in this stage — creams night events and masks. In this case, it is effective as store bought cosmetics, so i cooked a custom mask to the facial skin at home. Prepare the manuscript of mask just, for it is possible to use any, you selected, vegetables and fruit (regardless of skin type) and some of the products that is on the table and in the fridge of every household. Let's say, the pulp from the pulp of a banana perfectly moisturizes the skin and potato mask helps you get rid of peeling, redness and less irritation on the face. Apply the mask should be a very gently fingertip massage on the massage lines, without forgetting requires constant care your skin neck and decollete. It is best to perform this procedure in a quiet environment, completely clean from everyday problems. You can include a favorite quiet music, at the time, to forget about current problems and issues.

Also at home by yourself, you can prepare simple, do not require large costs, but at the same time versatile cosmetic "hole-wand", which help to care for any skin type. To their number can be attributed to the cucumber tonic, strawberry peeling gel for facial wash from oatmeal, decoctions of various herbs.

Keep your skin in good condition, it is necessary to correctly assemble your daily diet. You'll love the products with a minimum of heat treatment, give preference to freshly prepared food. Prepare your food in a double boiler, to appease the fat-free or with the use of extra virgin olive oil, bake in oven, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Remember, strict diets lead to a loss of tone of the skin, its dehydration and the formation of wrinkles.

For the beautiful colors of the person only is needed restful sleep. Try to rest at every opportunity, even in the day time. If for some reason night out with no sleep, to the head of the person in the appropriate appearance, in the morning wipe the face with ice or frozen decoction of herbs. Spend most of my free time in the fresh air, constantly ventilate the room where you work, or cooling, and certainly before bedtime.

masks for face

Remember that facial skin care requires good self-discipline. Love yourself, know how to find the positive in every situation, smile, and the desired effect carried out treatments on myself not long to wait.