Laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes - rejuvenates again!

The skin around the eyes is the first surrender in a captivity lived for years — so affects the softness of his nature, increased the vulnerability. In addition, we smile, enjoying the sun and thus exacerbates the problem.

Wrinkles, like a spider's web, cop the eyes, and deal with it every day more difficult. Surgical the same methods of correction of appearance of the various reasons are not suitable far all. So there is nothing surprising in the huge popularity of such procedures as laser skin rejuvenation around the eyes.

Laser rejuvenation

Beats exactly on target, without damage to the

With its help, you can fight against loose skin and wrinkles in this area accounted for on the century, the "excess" thin-skinned. For miracle, the effect can be thank laser beams: they hit exactly on target, without causing damage to the tissue in the area.

A strong effect

Becomes less visible pigmentation, happen the metamorphosis and with wrinkles. If they are small, then they can divide at all, and the deeper they are aligned. At the same time, the rejuvenation of the laser allow you to permanently forget about peeling and irritation.

The initiation of rejuvenation

The benefit of this technology is not only in the achievement of great external effect, but also in the fact that the skin turns out to be a serious internal exposure. Starts the process of rejuvenation, increasing the elasticity, strength and flexibility.

You personally

The performance of the beam, the depth of its penetration into the skin are adjustable, which allows you to pick up each patient's own set of parameters.

Without pain

During processing they feel no pain, by using local anesthesia.

Eyelid survive

The procedure safely pass through even as the supply of places, as are the eyelids.

Little rehabilitation

This technique is not forcing women to carve out plenty of time not only on procedure but also on rehabilitation. Literally a day later the skin near the eyes away from the redness and the surrounding no idea that a transformation of inserted any cosmetic manipulations.

The initiation of rejuvenation

After the procedure

Because of the open wounds no, the missing, and the risk of infect machined surfaces. Directly before the procedure and three weeks after her not to sunbathe in a natural way and in the solarium. Cosmetic preparations for the care and decorative — it must protect from uv rays.


Not everyone can afford the luxury of rejuvenation in the field of laser eye. Have to wait for the higher temperature and the cold stage of an exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, inflammation at the site of the future processing. It is not suitable procedure, so women who have less than two weeks ago, did a chemical peel, suffering from psoriasis and epilepsy, is preparing to become a mother.