Rules of skin care after 40

The age of 40 years most women believe critical, so-called "abroad" between flourishing and withering. But not everything is, in fact, looks so bad, if you arrange the proper care of skin after 40, using our tips and tricks. The modern market offers a huge number of cosmetic who care remedies for face and body. How to choose from a wide range of those that will suit a particular woman?

Causes of weakness of the skin

face care after 40

Thanks to discoveries in the field of medicine and cosmetology, the modern woman, apart from the representatives of previous generations, to know that the older is not getting old! There are very real reasons for the change the condition of the skin.

  • Hormonal disturbances lead to a reduction in the amount of collagen produced in the body of a woman, which, in turn, leads to loss of skin elasticity.
  • The reduced ability of the skin to retain sufficient amount of moisture contributes to dryness of the top layer of the skin.
  • The replacement of old cells with new ones slows down in the force reduction in the speed of their distribution throughout the body due to lack of the right hormones and trace elements.
  • The reduction of the function of the sebaceous glands makes the skin more sensitive and drier.
  • Reduce the number of working blood vessels in all layers of the skin becomes the cause of the disappearance of the healthy rosiness of her face.

Know the main causes of age-related changes, it is possible to determine the most important according to the condition of our own skin sheets and outline a plan of care for the face and neck after 40 years.

Hydration from the inside and from the outside

Dry skin becomes with age, more often in owners of normal, velvety, with small pores and without the greasy shine of the skin in the youth. To prevent the occurrence of droughts, it is necessary to ensure the proper care and hydration from a young age (25-30 years). If there is skin facial in 40 years has become too dry, it is necessary to maintain a moisture balance on a daily basis:

  • drink daily at least 8 glasses (1.5 liters) of natural water;
  • protect yourself in the summer all the exposed skin from the sun, apply a moisturizer for face care with the protection of SPF-15 and the higher coefficient;
  • use in the cold season, protective creams and tonal resources, which provide reliable protection of the face against wind, frost, snow and rain;
  • try to take in the winter to maintain optimal humidity and temperature in the living rooms (you can use a humidifier);
  • give preference to warm the soul, and not a warm relaxing bath;
  • use a daily moisturizing cosmetics for mature skin (creams, gels, masks, serums), which maintain the natural moisture and help the cells to "get drunk" out there.

For obtaining the maximum effect for the recovery and maintain the natural processes of cosmeticians recommend to choose the anti-age number of resources for the facial skin of one manufacturer. Cosmetic range provides the everyday care of the optimal scheme, where each product is not only performs certain functions, but complements and enhances the effect of other ingredients.

Away with the wrinkles!

Skin newborn child is updated every week, so as the formation of new cells and their propagation to the surface of the skin will happen in just seven days. With the age of the update rate decreases. The laws of genetics of the biological clock of each person is laid the period of his cells. But today created tools, which help the body speed up the update mechanism and how to get rid of old keratinized cells.For wrinkle reduction for women after 40 years, it is necessary to:

masks for face
  • use the funds from the gentle peeling for sensitive skin 1-2 times a week (scrubs, the film the mask);
  • apply nourishing and revitalizing mask with antioxidants (vitamins a, b, C, Coenzyme Q10);
  • stop smoking because smoking contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and dark color of the face;
  • to add to the daily care regimen lifting creams and remedies for intense effects on the skin, containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, herbal, fruit acids, extracts from seaweed, ginkgo biloba, green tea.

All of the above components help the skin retain natural moisture, stimulates processes of synthesis of collagen, providing firmness and elasticity and reduce the protective functions of the skin. Means, with these unique features provide fast and visible cosmetic effect garters, elasticity, freshness and healthy color of the face.

Back the color of youth and health

Hormonal shifts, age diseases cause deterioration of the color and condition of the skin, with which it is possible to fight, it is completely accessible by natural methods. But before you proceed, it is worth it to get the advice of a doctor. Because sometimes, puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, redness of the skin, pigment spots can be a sign of disease, which is located in the initial stage of development.Every woman after 40 it is worth it to take a few tips.

  • To remove puffiness of the eyelids can be by the use of the cream for eyelids with hydrocortisone.
  • Get rid of dark circles under the eyes will help regenerating cream for eyelids with retinol.
  • Age pigment stains easily disappear after regular application of masks with bleaching effect, containing white clay, cucumber extract or lemon juice.

Women after 40 are advised to carefully watch the changing of the skin sheets, the appearance of pigmentation, warts, moles, other blemishes that worried. For your own peace of mind, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist or a cosmetologist and undergo a special examination.

Options the right makeup

Hard to accuse a woman to 40 years in the inability to apply make-up, but sometimes mistakes applying makeup can not hide the age-related changes and skin imperfections, but on the contrary, their stress.The success of the right make-up, mainly depends on the correct choice of cosmetics for your particular skin type and appearance.

  • The masking means. For mature skin it is necessary to stay on the tone basis of fine or medium density with a reflective effect, but without gloss. All of the toning agent applied on the skin after moisturizer at least 30 minutes before going outside. 40 years, it is necessary to give up the camouflage pencils and sticks, which create a harsh effect. Applying tonal resources accompanied by cautious going into the demise of borders, their printing
  • Powder and blush. It is better to use cream-powder is a sugar, a dry powder emphasizes wrinkles and blemishes on dry skin. Makeup artists recommend that women over 40 choose the powdered sugar to 3 tone lighter than the tone of the basics, then the skin will look fresh.
  • The effect of luscious lips create the mouth of lipstick on the cream-based, slightly red color. Dark tones make the lips thinner, and bright lips are less visible and "lost" on his face. If on the upper lip appeared wrinkles, make sure the application contouring pencil on the lips to prevent the spreading of lipstick.
  • The effect of bright eyes will help to obtain using a soft sculpting pencil and mascara for the eyes, just on the upper eyelid. Abuse of shaped makes the eyes less, and a lot of mascara on the lashes, attracting attention to the troubled places of the "goose feet" and doing make-up untidy.
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The main rule of make-up for women after 40 – "everything in moderation". You cannot use the colors and tools that they used 20 years ago – it may look is gone and even vulgar. Every night need to shoot makeup special means for your age, which have the additional effect of care.