Korean skin care facial: phases, reviews on cosmetic products

The number of supporters of the Korean traditions is constantly growing. More and more people connect to the championship sushi, add to your playlist music style k-pop, watching Korean soap operas and dream to win the skin, like in main heroine – a perfect, perfectly straight, healthy blush. Principles of the daily skin care is different from european and allow you to make the girl look stunning even without makeup.

Korean skin care

Flipping through the cable channels, every one of us for a few seconds he froze, looking at the brightest smooth skin asian celebrities. Sometimes the age of the actress or the singer to determine, it is simply impossible! In Korea, the appearance and condition of the skin is given special attention. Here it is not accepted to "cover up" or strengthen weaknesses of the fair sex trying to don't let their appearance. Korean skin care system face, is good, is based on a clear compliance with the sequence of the aesthetic activities and the use of natural resources.

General rules

Cosmetic products must be fitted in strict sequence – from the simplest watery to more thick fatty. The Interval between each product should be 3-5 minutes, to the active components have had time to soak in and begin to act.

On this principle is constructed the work of most of the local cosmetic production. As a result of research it has been shown that 6 stages Korean skin care of the face ensure comprehensive care and maintaining the youthfulness of the skin for a long time. The essence of the method consists in the careful cleansing of skin, removal of residues of dirt and cleaning agents, the preparation of the skin for the absorption of the maximum quantity of vitamins and minerals, intensive moisture and nutrition, improve barrier properties, metabolic and regenerative processes.

To understand the subtleties of the Korean skin care system face, it is necessary to examine in detail each of its stages.


Immediately after waking up the skin fairly easy and careful cleaning with using foam. Night need more intensive cleaning from the residues of makeup, skin fat and so on, it is Recommended to use one of the available methods:

  • hydrophilic oil;
  • cleansing cream-peeling;
  • oxygen cleaner CC-cream.

The active components of the means for effective struggle with pollution, thoroughly clean the pores, leaving a feeling of freshness and tone long.

Before bedtime is recommended, to the procedure. Described cosmetic products technique to rejuvenate the skin through the careful removal of dead skin particle with its surface layer. Starts the process of tissue regeneration, manage to get rid of age spots, skin growths, scars, acne and other skin proposed. On reviews, Korean skin care the face at this stage is possible without:

  • scrub;
  • a special cream with abrasive acid;
  • peeling-skutki.

Due to the, albeit slight, but damage to the skin, to get these funds is not recommended more often than once every 5-6 days.


The task of this stage – hydration. Korean resources for the care of facial skin with the effect of moisture saturation and normalization of the water balance can be called a toner or starter.

To learn how to use the cassette, just stick to the rule of "three seconds". Asian medicine men believed that, after washing, the skin loses moisture with tremendous speed. Will be held 3 seconds and the humidity of the epidermis fell to 4-5%, over half a minute proportion rises to 50%. After the procedure of washing, you have only three seconds to find a means of preventing the loss of skin moisture. Is created by the so-called "water lock" - a layer of molecules that keep the water, preventing dehydration.

principles of facials

There are two ways how the application of toner or starter:

  1. In the palm pour a small amount of product, apply on the face, that distributes evenly over the entire surface of the pads of the fingers.
  2. Moisten means of a cotton disk and wipe the face.

By the way, japanese women will choose the first way. In cosmetics the east of the country, it is not accepted to use cotton pads, sticks and other auxiliary tools. It is assumed that the effect of the use of cosmetics is enhanced if applied it's hands.

The essence of the

The golden mean, the central link in the system of daily skin care of the face. The task of a cosmetic product – to strengthen the activities of all applied products, and prepares the skin to other activities to care. Scientists have shown that the use of the essence increases the effectiveness of creams, masks and so on up to 45%. It's like butter, without which a storehouse of vitamins carrot juice is practically not absorbed.

Thanks to the weightless texture, the product penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, opening passage for the emulsion and creams. Enters into interaction with other means for care, the essence has a positive effect not only on top but also on the inner layer of the epidermis.


In this phase of facial skin care Korean cosmetics nourishes, tones, gives elasticity and healthy shine. It allows you to not only get the desired result, but also to consolidate it for a long time. Stringy oily texture is sometimes called a Lotion. The owner of the combined, which is prone to oiliness of the skin may end cosmetic complex. For dry, with visible manifestations of age changes of the skin, it is necessary to additionally use the cream.


According to the rules of the Korean skin care the face, the use of a mask necessarily. Described the type of cosmetic products, can be day or night, in the washing machine or notv and focusing on solving a specific problem:

  • the removal of appeal, flaking of the skin;
  • recovery, support of regenerative processes;
  • moisturizing and vitaminization;
  • lighting, soft tones;
  • prevention of wrinkles.

For increasing the effect of the mask is recommended to alternate. To the active ingredients of natural origin deeply absorbed into the layers of the skin, apply it need massage movements.


The final stage of the daily care. The dense texture means it creates on the skin a protective layer, monitoring of water and lipid balance and normalizes the work of sebaceous glands. From a wide range of cosmetic products, the composition of the creams the richest. On a beautiful lifting-effect are still the great protectors from the sun.

Unlike european and american counterparts, offer the Korean producers is more porous, did not form a greasy and sticky film. Special attention is paid to products for the care of the area around the eyes. Creams for age do not tolerate friction, it is necessary to drive a light Pat with your fingertips.

When can I expect an effect?

Judging by the reviews, Korean skin care system face provides the first results already the fifth day. Active substances have properties, accumulates in the subcutaneous layers, producing a prolonged effect. Later 28 days – so it should be the cells of the skin, in order to fully upgrade, - quality result of the work that notices the surroundings.

pretty face

Later 3-4 months numerous camouflage means it will be possible to throw out in the trash. Skin will be noticeably more taut, hydrated, with a healthy blush.

Advantages of the system for the care of the skin in Korean

The main difference asian the methodology for the daily care from the european, in the opinion of women, is the prevention of the skin of the proposed, and not their intense retouching.

Korean facial skin care – is a complex, multi-level complex lasting several months, rather years. Morning and evening treatments contribute to the regeneration and active recovery of the skin after the application of decorative cosmetics.

The neglect of European women morning ritual care – the reason of the majority of dermatological problems. During sleep, the sweat and sebaceous glands continue to work, and this means that the skin needs cleansing, not less, than in the evening. Washes with soap, which has a distinctive feature of drought is not enough.

Skin protection against UV radiation – guarantor prolongs its youth. In the composition of the majority of Korean beauty products natural solar components, which serve as a shield, protecting from the aggressive light.

Disadvantages of the asian approach to the care of the face

It takes a lot of time. European woman rarely can afford to spend a half an hour-an hour of time, sitting in front of a mirror, a bathroom with a dozen jars with creams and emulsions. This process seems to be a modern business lady, senseless and boring. Oriental women think differently, those 20-30 minutes with the mirror – investment in the health and preservation of youth.

An extensive range of. Skin care of the face with Korean cosmetics – the pleasure is not cheap. For the implementation of the above-described indications have to buy a lot of products, but to afford such waste is capable of every woman.

The implied contraindications. The structure of the skin of the European women and Asian women differ. Cover the last less prone to oiliness. Ladies with problems of higher education of sebum strongly not recommended to apply the cosmetic products of Korean production.

Other recommendations

If the shortcomings of Korean skin care of the face have been overcome, it is necessary to take advantage of the useful tips that will help you better understand the philosophy of eastern cosmetology.

Do not get hung up. If european girl liked cosmetics the brand that would take her for decades. Asian girls a different opinion, finished a tube of cream, another buy from another manufacturer. Such an approach will not allow the skin to get used to one drug, the susceptibility to the respective components lost will not be.

Beautician. The best friend american women – a psychologist, the japanese women this position takes a beautician. Regardless of the employment of a girl with a distinctive cutout eyes will find time to visit this specialist. Without the recommendations of experts can not do, if necessary, through the therapeutic actions and adjust the system of care.

A nourishing moisturizer. Paint the face and body, essential and fragrance oils – a real pleasure for the Korean girl. Due to the ethnic characteristics of their skin is prone to dryness, so the overlap oil on the skin in several layers, for them, it is considered to be a variant of the norm. So intense nutrition makes the foliage is surprisingly soft and velvety.

Masks. Asian women have so they have an exuberant passion for a different kind of mask. If the Europeans resort to such a cosmetic procedure once a week, the Korean takes care of the face every day. Oriental women have the right in your choice. The masks, manufactured in their country, they have a cotton foundation, composed of natural vitamins and plant extracts which provides a soft gentle care for the skin of the face.


The skin around the eyes. Comprehensive care for highly sensitive skin to ensure a patch-patch in the shape of a crescent, impregnated with vitamins, amino acids, extracts and oils. They are intensively moisturize, release edema, small wrinkles, the signs of sleep and fatigue.