Caring for combination skin: tips beautician

Caring for combination skin is different from caring for other types, because for her it is necessary to pick up different resources for different parts of the face. The point is, that there are sections with oily skin and blemishes — dry or normal. For combination skin provides a special line of funding, and it is also possible to use make-up for oily, dry and normal skin, but you need to understand how to do it correctly.



For a start it is necessary to understand what actually have the skin. Let's take the easiest way to find out your skin type. After washing the gel or foam, there is no need to apply to the skin any cream. Wait 2 hours and apply on the face a napkin. If on her in the forehead area and the nose, the chin remained greasy marks, and to place the faces of the spots do not have, or are expressed weakly, it means that your skin type mixed.

The owners of this epidermis must take care of T-zone, as a bold type of skin, and for the other plots, and both for dry or normal. As for the dry type in the case of greasy stains in the area of the face on the napkin still left, and as for the normal type if the greasy spots were, but they are expressed weaker than in the T-zone.

Still the combined type of facial skin can be found on the following attributes:

  • Oily skin in the T-zone: the chin, nose and forehead. In these areas of blackheads, the skin porous and shiny.
  • Dry other zones: cheeks, temples. Here, on the contrary, even almost no, and her skin is thin. Sometimes this part of the face can be normal, so dry it may not be noticeable.
  • When washing the face gels, mousses person places smooth and pleasant, and the sometimes — dry and strapped.
  • When you use cleansing milk or cream, T-zone becomes oily and the rest of the face becomes fresh and smooth.
  • The T-shaped area a few hours after the last exit starts to glow and Shine.
  • When applying a tonic or micellar means this area is restores freshness and cheeks and whisky dry.
  • On the T-zone often appear rash.
  • While the use of fatty creams chin, nose and forehead are oily, and the rest of the person is irritated.

According to statistics, about 80% of young women have a mixed skin type, and with age, it becomes normal. But in the meantime we need to properly keep track of it, and not to engage in extremes. Here is important the correct selection of cosmetics. If the use of cream for dry skin, oily stains, will be even greater production of sebum and create problems on the face. And if apply the cream for oily skin, dry zones may slough off and irritated.

Combination skin type — the most common, but its bearer note, that with age, the T-shape of the area to become less oily, and the whole skin becomes normal.

Day care

To the appearance of the skin longer young and the overall look well-maintained, without resorting to the large amount of decorative cosmetics, it requires daily care of the face.

The key stages of these procedures — cleaning and hydration. Maybe, they are important components in skin care. Gradually the same daily activities are divided in:

  • cleansing;
  • toning;
  • hydration;
  • protection.


It is necessary to perform twice a day: after waking up and before going to bed. Why do it in the morning? At night, the body removes some of the toxins and slag on the surface of the epidermis, and it is necessary to remove them. If not, then it is with a new layer of cream and other financial resources, you can beat all of these impurities in the pores. The morning is enough to wash your face with water and gel or foam for washing the face.


In the evening cleanse the skin, preferably in several stages. A minimum of 2 steps.

What tools are great for de-makeup:

  • Hydrophilic oil — a new means, which first produced the Korean brand, and now brought to your options, and other firms. Perfectly removes contamination, as well as the excellent relief is out of time, struggling with acne and blackheads, removes excess fat. Of the minuses — the high price.
  • Natural oils — an alternative special watch. The simplest of them — almond, apricot and grape seed oil, jojoba.
  • Micellar environment. At first it was only micellar water, now appeared, and various gels.

The next stage — washing:

  • the soft foam;
  • gels.

When choosing it is necessary to monitor for which type they are intended. It's not worth it to give preference to funds that cleanses the skin to squeaky and feelings of pressure. For example, Korean the face, because the skin loses not only fat, but also precious moisture and a high risk of overdrying it.

Flushing the device is to be cold water. If you use hot, then the sebaceous glands begin to work actively, and problems in the T-zone will only become more.

It is recommended after washing to go on the face with cotton wool or microfiber cloth. If this attribute is light, you can see that there small remnants of tonal cream and other cosmetics. So one means to get rid of make-up is really hard.


Furthermore, it is necessary to plant a tonic for the skin. It neutralizes the adverse effect of hard water from the tap. You can also use the lotions. The most important thing is that they were alcohol-free.

Hydration and protection

The next step — hydration. It is necessary to choose day and night moisturizing cream with a light structure, and it is desirable to select for them the serum, night and day. First applied the serum, then the cream.

After applying the serum it is necessary to give it to dry. This rule applies to all means, that is applied to the skin. Then the solution continues with a moisturizing cream. For combination skin it is best to buy two different creams: one for oily skin and another for dry, or normal (depending on whether it is dry or normal, you skin on the cheeks). The first cream to be mounted on the T-zone, and the second — on the other areas of the face. And that, and more moisturizing cream should have protection from the sun. In the winter enough of cream with SPF 10, and in the summer no less than 20. This way you at the same time you're doing hydration and protects the skin from negative effects of sunlight.

Weekly care

In addition to regular practices 1-2 times a week is recommended to do a scrub and mask on the face.


Many women under the peeling to understand to use a scrub. They have mechanical effects and damage the skin, and in the presence of acne can contribute to the care of microorganisms into the adjacent pores. Therefore, it is better to use an acid scrub at the base of the fruit. You can buy shopping, but also to cook homemade from fruits and vegetables.

masks for facial skin

When using the scrub should be paid attention to T-zone, cheeks, and whiskey, to touch, or very gently treat them.


The second method of skin care — masks. Can be used as cloth, and various liquid and thick masks and film. You don't have to choose expensive devices, here are appropriate and simple masks manufacturer of mass market. But it is better to choose organic brands.

The main thing is to apply similar substances point: cleansing, warm and refreshing — on the T-zone and a moisturizing, nourishing — for the rest of the face.

You can cook a homemade mask based on white clay and various oils and decoctions of herbs.

Characteristics of seasonal care


In the summer it is recommended to use light textures and avoid heavy creams. Instead of the tonal and sugar, it is worth to give preference to CC and the SS-creams. Be careful not to have your cream sun protection factor of not less than 20.

T-zone often needs to be cleaned and the Mat, because in the summer it's even more shines and glitters.


In the winter, on the contrary, the skin is dried out on the street and in premises, because of the heating systems, the air becomes dry. Here you humidifiers and air ionizers, or, at least, wet towels that need to be marin the battery for the night.

There is also a need to use nourishing and moisturizing creams and regularly apply a lip balm, because lips are the most prone to dryness and cracks.

Care at different ages

Order to preserve youth, elasticity and freshness of the face, it is best to consult with a beautician another 20-25 years, and together create a program of care. The beautician will determine the type of skin they have problems and the necessary caring action — not only external but also internal, such as income Supplements, trim nutrition.

In 20-25 years care consists of cleaning, body toning and hydration, as well as weekly rituals.

In 26-30 years, it is necessary to perform peeling at the cosmetician, but also enjoy serum with hyaluronic acid for a warning or removal of fine facial wrinkles.

In the 31-34 years, it is still necessary to intensely moisturize the skin, but also look forward to lifting-creams and masks. Good effect gives vacuum massage can be performed even at home, will acquire a set of glasses with vacuum holders.

In the 35-39 years to refresh and restore the skin can only hyaluronic acid injections. It is possible and to buy make-up, composed of which is present, just need to focus on the form of the substance, as it is a special acid is able to penetrate into the pores of the skin, and remains only on the surface.

In the period of 40-50 years, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and endocrinologist to alleviate the manifestations of menopause and smoothly survive the termination of the formation of estrogen — the hormone of beauty that makes women bulk apple. Available procedures you can add cosmetic innovation with a retinoid, courses of serums and masks.

After 50 a person must continue to maintain moisturizing creams and serums, and for added effect turn to the cosmetics and hardware procedures.

Useful salon procedures

Salon procedures need to be implemented, consulting with the cosmetician-dermatologist. Among the popular cosmetic procedures can be distinguished as follows:

tips beautician
  • Massage using a special device with a simple electric action. The electrical pulses stimulate the skin and promote the inflow of blood, and also the division of new cells. The result — the more fresh and elastic face. Of the minuses — can provoke more than a rich growth of unwanted hair.
  • Lymphatic drainage vacuum massage for the natural girdle.
  • Cryotherapy — treatment with cold. It is designed to tone up the skin, provides a lifting-effect;
  • Hardware cleaning, lifting, peels — the deeper methods than domestic preventive care.
  • Mesotherapy — the injection of nourishing creams with hyaluronic acid.
  • Cancellation or rádiovlnový lifting focuses on the activation of collagen.