Korean skin care system face in stages – 10 speed system

Multi-phase and complex Korean system skin care face is popular all over the world. In Europe and the CIS countries to buy asian cosmetics is not difficult.

Korean face care

"No need to worry about the face, if the skin problems are missing". This position is held by many girls. However, in order to maintain the health of the dermis and how it is possible to later see the first wrinkles to start taking care of her needs as soon as possible.

Japanese women carefully care of the face, from an early age, while some Russian women are thinking about the care of only to 30 years. Facials in Korea – it's the whole cult, which consists of several steps. How it looks 10 graded Korean face care? We will help you solve!

Korean face – pros and cons

Many women got rid of the problem after you have discovered for yourself Korean skin care face. Reduction of wrinkles, how to get rid of acne and oily shine, moisture and shine – are far from the only occasion of the asian cosmetics.

Japanese women are gaining the means to care for stages. Compliance with this approach, extend your youth and pull back on your thrusters the processes of aging.

However, despite all the pros, Korean care also has some disadvantages:

  • The duration of the. Some of the girls scares applying such a large amount of cosmetic products. For that you need to allocate time;
  • The expensiveness. Women in Korea spend a lot of money to purchase resources for the care of facial skin. Not every Europeans has the opportunity to buy so many cosmetics. Some of them use just a moisturizer, and here is will have to fork out, because the Korean care involves at least 5 steps;
  • The possibility of side effects. Every cosmetics can aggravate skin problems and even cause allergic reaction. Among the Korean cosmetics eat foods that contain acids. Scheme of acid for care of the face, despite all its advantages, it is suitable not every girl
IMPORTANT: To avoid unnecessary expenditure, than buy one or another cosmetic product, buy it in a miniature version and check if it suits your skin.
Korean face care make-up remover

Night Korean care in several stages

With the use of techniques for the Korean system of care for the face, you will improve the condition of your skin. It is important not only to apply all the stages of care, but to use the correct technique of applying. For example, the asian women in the care of the face, use the rule of 3 seconds – applying a toning means during the 3 seconds after washing.

The Korean system of skin care is significantly different from the european practices for the care of the face and includes several steps. Let's talk about each of them in detail.

Makeup remover – remove make-up and pre-cleaning of the skin

Makeup removal and pre-cleaning – the initial stage of Korean skin care.

The japanese women carry make-up remover using a hydrophilic oil. This represents a slight cleanser, the development in contact with water into jelly. The oil is suited to every skin type, perfectly removes resistant make-up, softens hard water.

The owners of oily and problematic skin should not be afraid of this tool. It is well removes excess sebum, cleans the pores, yet does not injure the skin.

CAUTION: Many of the funds for the care and decorative cosmetic products contain in their composition of the fat-soluble components (CC-a cream, primers, concealer and others), which is washed off by using only a hydrophilic oil. However, to remove makeup from the sensitive eye this agent is undesirable. In such a case, it is better to use a micellar water.

Cleaning the skin

For the removal of residues of the hydrophilic oil and cleaning long asian women use foam. It must be remembered that this drug is not used for removing makeup.

Korean the face the better to whisk into the drawing for the face. For this purpose it is possible to use auxiliary Korean remedies for skin care (ok for whipping the foam, sponges Gonyak) or foam using your hands.

Sponge Gonyak – a natural antibacterial agent for cleaning, consisting of the root of the plant gonyak. Sponge a month it is necessary to change on new, and before each use – rinse and dry.

Korean face care cleansing


Facials in korea the steps it is assumed mandatory cleansing from keratinized particles using peels, scrubs, exfoliants. Especially popular among Koreans peels-skutki. Thanks to the mild cleansing is well suited for the owners of sensitive and problematic skin.

scrubbing is carried out 1-2 times a week depending on skin type.

Toning of the skin on the Korean system

To complement the water-salt balance of the Korean facial involves the use of a toner. The drug is administered for a period of 3 seconds after washing the foam, t. after this time, the air humidity drops significantly.

Korean women applied toner hands, poured it into the pre-wash palms, then ground them and Pat movements smeared on the face. After washing promakivayut the skin of the one-time paper towel.

Applying a serum or essence

Serum – the best product for anti-aging care. It will suit every skin type and moisturize the deepest layers. Korean serums are used not only for nutrition and the prevention of wrinkles, they can get rid of enlarged pores, acne, rosacea, and other problems. For printing it is enough 1-2 drops of the product.

Milk or emulsion

For more hydration after serum Korean skin care system includes the use of milk or emulsion. Apply these tools it is worth to Pat the movements, the pre-heating in the palms.

IMPORTANT: Before to choose the means to care, visit a beautician. This will help you determine the type. Wrong properly chosen cosmetics can aggravate the skin problems!

Applying the cream

Night cream more nutritious and dense in structure than daily. For hydration of the face need a little bit of the product – the size of a pea.

Do not forget to apply the cream on the neck area and décolleté.

For who care for us Koreans an important next step of skin care – hydration of the skin around the eyes. For this purpose, use a specialized cream for the eyelids, which are applied 2 times a day. Derma in this area is very delicate and is most prone to the occurrence of age changes.

Night mask

And finally, the last step – applying a nourishing night mask. If skin care according to the Korean system, to avoid a global credit glut used this product, instead of a night cream is not more than 2 times a week.

Dec-scaena system face care from Korean girls is most often used only at night. Morning ritual is a little shorter.

The morning care about the Korean system a step by step

Every asian woman knows: hydration is a must and dry skin on the face and oily. Increased work of sebaceous glands is indicative of the lack of moisture.

In the morning Korean facial is performed in a certain order.

Cleansing facial

Korean face care scrub

The Korean rules of care for your face says: definitely need to clean the skin from the wound. I mean, for the night for her to accumulate the pollution and grease. In the morning wash your face you can do without a hydrophilic oil. Enough to use cleansing the face.

FEATURES: the japanese women use a system of washing under the name 424: cleaning hydrophilic oil for 4 minutes, 2 minute application of foam, contrasting (hot and cold water) wash for 4 minutes.


Refresh the skin and restore the water balance will help to toning. When caring for oily facial skin, you can use a toner with green tea extract and AHA-acids. These products will be removed unwanted greasy luster and narrow your pores. Toners hydrate the skin and prepare it for the preparation of the other layers.

What distinguishes toner from the toner? These products are designed for completely different purposes. The Toner is designed to prepare the skin for subsequent moisturizers and tonic is necessary for the removal of excess pollution of the skin.

Nutrition and hydration

In the morning before applying the daily cream Asian girls cause emulsify (serum, essence).

Korean care about problem skin at this stage involves the use of light textures with mats and anti-inflammatory effect.

Applying a tanning device

In Korea, a real cult of the white and porcelain skin. Neither respect themselves Korean doesn't work on the street without a coating of the cream for protection from the sun. Even from childhood, asian women know that the sun's rays cause photodegradation of the skin.

Applying the CC and BB creams

Other recommendations for skin care according to the Korean system

In addition to the listed funds the care Korean women pamper your skin different masks (cloth, alginate, etc.), use of the patch under the eyes, enzymatic sugar sprays for the face, the strips on the blackheads and so.

Korean cosmetics allows you to efficiently take care of your face. However one care is not enough. The condition of the skin – a reflection of the health of the whole organism. The right food, drink sufficient water, lack of bad habits, stress and nedosyps help maintain its youth and beauty.

To correctly select the Korean agent for the person, study the composition!

For someone Korean system of care may seem difficult. However, over time such care will seem routine, and definitely will bring its fruit.