Skin care after cleaning facial: recipes for masks, tips and rules

The procedure for cleaning the face apply a long time ago. It is not necessary to think, that it is intended solely for the fight with the youth of the black dots. Skin problems can be faced in any period of remodeling of the organism, in particular associated with the hormonal growth spurts or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In risk group – pregnant women, the ladies on the threshold of menopause. Cleaning of the face can be assigned to them after the examination the doctor.

skin care after cleaning

It is not enough just once or twice to visit a beautician, permanently forget about this problem. The skin of the face after cleaning the face requires special care, particularly the mechanical procedures.

See how you must take care of yourself after a visit to the beauty salon.

That is cleaning

If you want to know how to properly provide care after cleaning face, it is necessary to introduce the essence of the procedure.

It is divided into 2 types:

  • Mechanical.
  • Carried out with the help of BONDAGE.

Mechanical can be your own procedure, and may be preceded by an ultrasound. Therefore, the beautician advised to severe severe acne on the skin.

When mechanical cleaning of the first, performs the processing to detergents and disinfectants, then the beautician razmarivaet the skin for best results. In the event that the skin is very sensitive, is present rosacea, then steaming is not used – instead, the acts cold.

Further, the doctor, using special tools (it can be tablespoons of UNO or needle Vidal), removing all the visible acne, after which handles the skin moisturizing and other means. One of the frequently used treatments for skin care after facial cleaning, is the use of a special device. The electrical impulses will speed up the lymph flow and blood circulation, thus the skin quickly recovers.

The procedure of ultrasonic cleaning of the face is carried out by ultrasound, and reminiscent of the classic peeling on the produced effect. Before using it I apply the gel and after the beautician may impose a special soothing mask.

Face care after mechanical cleaning of the face

Care for the skin after the mechanical cleaning is required. The reason is simple: after a mechanical cleaning of the face is the upper layer of the skin is a bit inflamed, so open access infections. The risk of entry of infection in the cabin is minimal, if the specialist has one or carefully rounded tools. If you want to be in this sure, he writes for the procedure only in the salon, which has a good reputation and many positive reviews.

Care after cleaning facial in the salon, when a client comes home, it comes to a number of simple rules, the main of them – the thorough observance of hygiene.

First, after you have visited the beautician, you may experience redness and swelling. For the first two days is fine. In this period it is necessary to wash with clean water, wipe the face infusion of chamomile or other herbs that has anti-inflammatory effects.

One of the consequences of the procedures – increase sebaceous excretions. Not worth it to worry: the reason lies in the fact that the beautician removed the cork, preventing the free outflow of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, in the early days sometimes customers notice an increased oiliness of the skin. Excess detachable need to be cleaned, wipe the face soaked decoction of herbs cotton discs.

Can be in the process of caring for skin use tonic without alcohol.

the cleaning procedure

If on the second or third day you will notice peeling, no need to worry: it will soon pass. Clear face – and more no measures are applied.

It happened sometimes dramatic eruption of new pimples after cleansing. In such a case, the care of the face after cleaning at the cosmetician includes wiping from time to time to the gel of problem zones. Skin self-cleaning, so you need to wait a bit. Early processes of sebaceous excretions must be normalized.

The first day-two it is undesirable to use decorative cosmetics. Even just to paint eyelashes do not need: any irritation you now useless.

What is more desirable? The list is not so big:

  • Is not access to the sauna and steam bath.
  • Do not go to the solarium.
  • Do not sunbathe in the sun.

Correct facial involves the use of protective equipment. If the outside of the sun – it is better to take a cream with a factor 30. If cloudy – suit, and 10.

Care after ultrasonic cleaning of the face

In the case where she was monitored by ultrasound treatments, facials, after the shackles of the cleaning will be much easier. A beautician can recommend taking a few days cream. Necessarily use high-quality sunscreens in sunny weather.

Care after cleaning face in this case will consist in the cancellation of sessions in the pool, the solarium, a visit to the beach.

General recommendations

Care for the face after the cleaning is possible with the use of homemade masks. In the first few days, it is better not to do, but a little later, it is possible – so the renewal of the epidermis will take place faster.

What kind of masks are allowed? In the first place those, which eliminate inflammation and swelling. These include masks on the basis of:

  • Clay.
  • A raw potato.
  • Oats.
  • Honey.

Homemade masks are prepared and applied at once, you cannot save them. Especially effective ones are considered cooking, which reflected cosmetic clay, and is not so important, what kind of clay you have: blue, green, black or pink. For oily skin often advise to use blue and black, but also white, but all the subspecies are able as well to cope with the advanced acne, blackheads, irritation. So it is rather a matter of taste.

In what cases the process of healing of the epidermis may be delayed? First of all, it is the presence of infectious and fungal lesions, as well as the deterioration of the herpes virus at the time of cleaning. Secondly, it is the neglect of the rules of skin care. The intervention of the pathogens in the pain can cause the amplification of inflammation. In this case, it is recommended to use powder to "Baneuoqin". Sprinkle them with the problem areas daily, until the disappearance of the swelling and pain.

The cleaning procedure face rarely causes complications. If it is performed correctly, if the beautician – a specialist high-end, and the customer is strictly followed all the details to him a recommendation, it's been a few days, the result will not keep itself waiting. The skin will be taut, smooth, straight. Enlarged pores together, on the face is not significantly comedones and congestion.

To achieve the ideal result it may take not one, but 2-3 treatments. If the problem coming back again and again, if the effect is short-term, it is necessary to undergo an examination. Maybe, numerous eruptions on the skin – the result of a hidden occurrence of any disease. In this case, visits to the beautician is not enough: it is necessary to arm yourself with patience and let the treatment of the underlying disease.

The above does not apply to pregnant women: they have the rash they are often completely on their own after childbirth. So they may be, do not get carried away with cleaning the face, even when contraindications to her no. After the birth the hormonal balance to recover, and the person will be clean.

skin care

Face cleaning – an effective procedure in the absence of serious problems with the internal organs and systems. And to more quickly come up to normal, observe recommendations of the cosmetician on the face. Soon you will notice a beneficial result.