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The holiday season is in full swing! In the summer we try to enjoy the rays of the sun, which we sometimes forget about preventive measures. Golden tan, improves color of the face, the skin just glows and more no need to do intense makeup. Yes and in home care many policies, because in the summer it is enough only a light moisturizing. But with the advent of autumn we meet with the problems, which sometimes happens, it is not easy to solve by the usual means! What should be the care of the skin after the summer?

skin care after the summer

Active "madness" tan promotes thinning of the skin, formation of wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation. Under the influence of the absorbed energy of the sun in the epidermis start to actively generate free radicals, which subsequently leads to disruption of the integrity of a particular layer of the skin.

Also active solar radiation stimulates the excessive production of sebum and hyperkeratosis, which in turn may result in a worsening of acne about a week after returning from vacation!

The outward signs of damaging ultraviolet light:

  • dryness and flaking,
  • reducing the turgor of the skin,
  • a decrease of elasticity,
  • the appearance of wrinkles,
  • the expansion of the capillaries,
  • sensitivity and redness,
  • pigmentation.

To prevent photoaging, it is necessary to take this rule, the daily use of resources with a factor of SPF in the summer time and not abuse the tan. You can also use natural factors of protection. For example, shea butter, sesame, almond and coconut oil have natural factor SPF of 2-4 and will perfectly moisturize the dry skin.

But what to do when the summer is gone, and you have discovered for yourself some of the symptoms listed above fatal exposure to uv radiation? There is a certain complex of measures that you can take both separately, so use the services of beauty salons.

Home care for skin affected from the sun

What can and must do themselves, when on a hiking trip to the beautician:

  • For the restoration of the damaged layer is necessary to begin to actively nourish the skin from the inside. It is important to adhere to the water balance of the whole organism, and drink 1-2 liters of clean water a day. It should also be more closely monitored for your diet. With the onset of autumn, the amount of vegetables and fruits in our diet decreases, so it is worth thinking about how to drink away a multivitamin course. Pay attention to the composition! There surely must be present b vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid. And also don't forget about the importance of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, which significantly affect the strength and elasticity of the skin.
  • If among the other signs of photodamage are found acne rash, then it is possible to arrange yourself handout diet Detox, the aim of which is to establish the metabolism and cleanses the body from waste substances and toxins. Diet means eating only fresh fruit juices and purees from fruits and vegetables for three days. In the period of treatment of acne also need to reduce the use of sugar and yeast for baking, because these foods increase the processes of fermentation in the body.
  • Soothe irritated sun skin, help compresses on the basis of medicinal herbs. You can use chamomile, also good you 20 minutes wraps of green tea, which contains large amounts of antioxidants.
  • Also need to reassess your makeup bag. If in the summer we used the lightweight moisturizing texture, then with the advent of cold weather should pay attention to more nourishing creams that will protect your skin from fluctuations in temperatures and around. Pay attention to the presence in the composition of nourishing oils, as well as components, such as panthenol, squalane and lanolin. For greater hydration can be used under cream serum with hyaluronic acid, and to improve the tone and elasticity are appropriate serum containing vitamin C.
  • Alginate masks are known for their strong moisturizing effects and are suitable as a means for the emergency rehabilitation of the skin. For greater efficiency, before using such masks can be applied a thin layer of moisturizing cream.
  • In the fight with the pigmentation you homemade whitening mask. For example, you can mix 2 tablespoons of sour cream with 1 teaspoon of lemon pulp. For greater efficiency in the resulting mass is possible to add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide, or lemon essential oil.
  • For the regulation of the production of the sebaceous glands to apply a mask based on white clay (kaolin). Such a mask too, you can prepare yourself: 2 teaspoons of clay mix with a little water until smooth. For a more pleasant consistency add a little bit of any cream on the face.

Professional care for skin renewal

homemade skin care

Autumn is the best time for the start of the course intensive beauty treatments. The sun is no longer as active as in the summer, so it will be possible to use different skins. Professional treatments are primarily aimed at updating and stimulate metabolism of the skin, restoring balance and reducing pigmentation.

  • AHA – peeling (chemical peeling on the basis of the action of fruit acids) contribute to the intense renewal of the top layers of the skin and thorough his flaking. There are different means, both for domestic and professional use, but it is better to entrust to a specialist, because improper use can damage the skin. Beautician will correctly choose the percentage ratio of active acid peels, and determine the accompanying care.
  • Biorevitalization – injection technique based on the subcutaneous introduction of the drug hyaluronic acid and immediately restore the water balance of the cells of the epidermis.
  • Photo rejuvenation – a procedure, based on the penetrating power of intense light pulses consumed by the cells and blood vessels of the dermis and act in all layers of the skin, produce collagen, and melanin. Cells with a high content of melanin are destroyed under the influence of absorbed light energy, after which starts the process of formation of new collagen and elastin fibers.

The restoration of the skin, which is prone to rosacea

Separately it is necessary to mention the skin, which is prone to rosacea, as many of the procedures her contraindicated because of a genetic predisposition to fragility of blood vessels. But adherence to certain rules will significantly improve the condition of the skin:

  • It is necessary to exclude all the means that lead to the strengthening of the microcirculation in the tissues.
  • It is forbidden to frequent visits to the spa, the use of alcohol tonics and lotions and mechanical cleaning.
  • You cannot do massage and use cosmetics containing acids.
  • Side use abrasive scrubs and other aggressive treatments with peeling. Exfoliate, it is necessary to use a sparing devices labelled "for sensitive skin".
  • Cosmetic products must not contain dyes, mineral oils and perfumes perfumes.
  • Twice a year you need to take in complexes with vitamins PP, K, C and E, which normalize blood clotting, the tone of blood vessels, strengthening their walls and their permeability.

From cosmetic procedures shows: microcurrent therapy, phototherapy and laser, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy special cocktails for the strengthening of blood vessels, plasmolifting. To remove vessels that have become visible, you electrocoagulation and special therapy.

masks for face

It is important to remember that skin is a living organ and its condition is largely dependent on our attentive relationship with your body. Fortunately, the processes associated with photoaging, is largely reversible. Avoid tanning is not necessary, the main thing – to know the measure. Autumn – the perfect time to give the skin a rest and start the complex regeneration activities prior to the winter season.