Daily skin care of the face

Every woman trying to maintain her spell, and everyone does it their own way. But why-that not everyone is able to spend a few minutes on the 4 stages of the daily care of the face. You can constantly experiment with your haircut, you can spend the money for expensive clothes and advice of a makeup artist. But nor elegant clothes, nor skillful makeup and a new hairstyle will not repay the healthy appearance of your skin's youthful oval of the face and is not smooth small wrinkles, and after all it is they slyly give the woman's age.

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The first signs of withering of the skin (wrinkles near the eyes, around the mouth, on the neck), often remain us, went unnoticed. Years within thirty appear anxiety and a reluctance to admit that the time has your. "Something must be done!" - we call you, but it is often the reason why something to postpone "on then" skin care and coniecto only when its color becomes dull, deep wrinkles, sagging skin droops, is not so clearly builds on the features of the face needs lifting. And we are running to the beautician with the hope that he is like a magician, in a moment, returns us to youth and will make us beautiful. Yes, a beautician can do a lot, but this does not negate the need for daily home care of the facial skin. It consists of 4 stages:

Phase 1 - Cleansing

Cleanse the face and should be in the morning and evening. In the morning - it is the preparation of the facial spray make-up, night - night cream. When cleaning to remove dead flakes of the stratum corneum of the skin, stale sebum, but also the waste products of bacteria. Evening cleaning removes remnants of makeup, dirt, on my face during the day, the treated skin will be ready for the maximum perception of a night cream.

When washing the face each skin type is not recommended to use soap - it is too strongly degreases her after him arise dryness and irritation, soap too strongly grips the skin pores, the lack of qualitatively, their cleaning. In addition, the soap is lye, violates the normal the acidity of the surface of the skin, destroys lipids (fats) of the skin barrier, to discourage the reproduction of her pathogenic micro-organisms.

The face should be cleaned with the help of gels, foams, cosmetic jelly. They are almost without interrupting the normal acidity of the skin, deeply penetrates into the pores, well to dissolve the solid particles of cosmetics.

Step 2 - Toning

After cleaning the face, has to rub his tonic (lotion). Toning - an important point of the daily care of the face, the skin of any type, it is necessary to produce after each cleaning - twice a day: morning and evening. The wrong view is that a tonic should be wiped only oily skin. And that, the more there is in it the alcohol content, the better. Even when the surface of the face is very oily, it is necessary to give preference to non-alcoholic tonics. Alcohol not only overdry normal and dry skin, but it also increases the activity of the sebaceous glands of oily skin. Dry skin also needs to be processed by a tonic after the cleansing, only with this difference, that the tonic should vote just for this skin type.


  • removes from the surface of the skin detergents and decorative cosmetics;
  • moisturizes the skin, improves its tone;
  • it has a mild anti-inflammatory effects;
  • it normalizes the acidity of the surface of the skin;
  • cleans and grips the skin pores;
  • prepares the skin for further care.
skin care at home

Step 3 - Hydration and protection

Day cream apply in the morning or in the afternoon, both under makeup and without it, about half an hour before going out. It should be applied not only on face but also on neck.

The Film, which originated on the skin after application of a daily cream performs a protective function, under it's skin suffer less from meteorological factors in the external environment, dust and dirt. In addition, day cream prevents the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin, contributes to the maintenance of a sufficient level her hydrated.

In daily creams, as usual, contains a variety of active ingredients. Depending on their content and ratio of different day creams are applied for different skin types, in different seasons. In the summer you need to use daily creams that contain sun filters - substances, reflecting or absorbing uv radiation. They will protect your face from the damaging action of uv radiation, which leads to the "photodegradation" of the skin.

Stage 4 - Food

In the evening, after cleaning and body toning, apply a "night" cream. Night creams belong to the category "nutrients". They are chosen in accordance with the type and condition of the skin.

Night cream is applied for 1 to 2 hours before bedtime; if it is absorbed not entirely, the remnants need to soak a napkin. As in the case with the day cream, putting it not only on face but also on neck area and décolleté.

Never apply a nourishing cream on the face, the area around the eyes. Night creams are too greasy, their composition and the consistency is too "heavy" for this delicate area.

All movements, such as when cleaning, the body toning of the face, so even with the application of creams and masks, must be done only in the direction of the lines of least stretching of the skin: from the middle line of the face to the audio sinks. Wipe the face should be the only blotter movements, without stretching the skin.

To supplement these basic steps in your skin care products can be masks, mechanical (scrubs) and chemical peeling and the ave is necessary to apply a day - no.

Skin care age

Special attention to the every day require of the skin around the eyes - it is very thin and sensitive, it is to her a few sebaceous glands, it varies a great deal of extensibility. On the eyelids easily arise swelling, previously only arise wrinkles. Applying the make-up removal and exhausts and irritates the skin around the eyes. So the cosmetics applied to this area should be of the highest quality.

Creams for age have a particularly light consistency and is well absorbed. It is necessary to apply them in the morning and evening, after preliminary cleansing of the century.

Do not use on eyelids creams for the face. For the skin around the eyes, use only a specially created for this zone means proven ophthalmologic control.

Put on and take off makeup from the eyelids gently, we adhere to the direction of least stretching of the skin (under the eye movements should be directed toward the nose and above the eye in the direction of the village).

Clean lids only with the help of special gels and lotions. Protects the skin of the eyelids from the bright sun, choose the funds with the uv filters.

Lip care

The skin of the lips is very thin, is always open exposed to wind, sun, frost and dry air. No sebaceous glands, so it needs daily moisture and nutrition. Permanent reduction of facial muscles of the mouth, promotes the formation of wrinkles around the lips.

On the night, and also, if you do not apply decorative cosmetics, use special means for care of lip skin.

Pay attention to your lipstick contains hydrating and softening ingredients, vitamins and uv filters. As usual, these requirements comply with the lipstick reputable companies, and they are quite expensive. But remember that the lipstick is not only located on your lips throughout the day - a large part of the you eat, thus, cheap lipstick to use is not worth it.

Skin care neck

The skin on the neck is very delicate and thin, it is prone to dryness, flabbiness, rugosities, more hydration and nourishment it needs already in his youth.

skin care face masks

Gradually face care morning and evening, definitely think about the neck. For her, it is possible to care with the help of the same means by which the horns are blasting a person: clean cosmetic milk, wipe with a tonic and apply the corresponding time of the day cream. Some cosmetics manufacturers produce special funds for the care of the neck. They differ in the fact that it does not leave marks on clothes.

If you learn how to properly care for your skin, it doesn't take a lot of time. Give yourself 10 minutes in the morning and evening to clean and solid, in the afternoon - for hydration, and evening - for the nutrition of the skin.

Your skin responds positively to these procedures, but do not wait for the immediate effect for the next day or over a week. Permanent changes in your appearance will happen not earlier than one month, because with each new cage it is necessary to go through the entire life cycle, which is equal to 28 days. Do not put your face on the weekend, when you are freer. Only daily attention to himself, he will reward you with smooth, supple skin, which after many years will keep your youth.