Lasers for rejuvenation

The application of lasers for facial rejuvenation – it is a relatively young way to combat age-related ageing of the skin. Innovative design made it possible to create a device that is capable of for a few sessions to achieve a result comparable with the results of plastic surgery.

Laser for rejuvenation. The principle of

The action of the laser on the skin caused by the bandwidth of the different cells absorb the laser light. When the different length of the laser wave acts on the different layers of skin and cause different effects. Allocate 2 main types of laser facial rejuvenation:

  • ablative;
  • the non-ablative.

Alone the term "ablation" means the superficial evaporation of the skin under the influence of laser radiation. In fact, it is harmful to microtraumas, for the healing that activates the self-regenerating mechanisms in the skin:

  • boosts the production of collagen and elastin;
  • on the surface of the skin, eliminates small wrinkles;
  • the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, smooth;
  • disappear small scars and scars.
Device radiofrequency facelift

Non-ablative laser for rejuvenation acts deep in the skin without damaging the top layer. When this case happens the heating of small inner surfaces of the dermis and stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin. From the viewpoint of achieving the anti-aging effect, it is important that these procedures cause a total restructuring of the dermis, stimulates in her metabolic processes, improve its structure and density.

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation

Eager to make the laser treatment more painless, to shorten the period of rehabilitation and to achieve strong rejuvenating effects, scientists have invented a fractus laser installation. Instead of a continuous laser beam uses a grid of micro-radiation, which causes a very small spot of damage. Neighboring cells are damaged and begin to intensively produce collagen and elastin, heals the damage and enhance the elasticity of the entire skin cover the treated plot. In this comfort for the client during the procedure increases, while the clinical effectiveness of the treatment increases.

The use of laser for facial rejuvenation, it is possible to achieve removal of small and medium wrinkles, age spots, scars, acne, vascular formations. In fact, depending on the wavelength of the laser, period of rehabilitation after the procedure and feelings of the client during the procedure, will vary. Therefore, manufacturers offer lasers for rejuvenation of the face and body with different length waves. It allows you to individually approach to the solution of problems of customers and offers them procedures, up to a maximum appropriate to the situation.