Herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face

Healing herbs for facial rejuvenation to date, occupy a very durable dominant position in the list of the most effective means, which are capable of storing and returning the skin cover the lost youth. Their employment and in the production of expensive cosmetic products and professional cosmetology. The unique composition of medicinal herbs which contains vitamins, essential oils, grease and other active substances, allow to use them as a main ingredient in anti-age skin care of the face.

Herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face

The only but, in the composition of the finished cosmetic products are extracts from medicinal herbs contained often in the woefully small number of, in connection with which prevents women to feel fully "miracle" and the healing power of herbs. So, the rational and it is better to use the herb for rejuvenation in the domestic cosmetics, cooked personally.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation – the right choice

First of all, let us recall the goal of a comprehensive anti-aging care for mature skin – nutrition, hydration, maintenance and stimulates all metabolic and regenerative processes in the dermis of the skin, removal of existing visible age-related manifestations on the face and hinder the emergence of new ones.

So, for anti-aging care healers recommended to use the following herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face:

  • Sage, aloe, st. john's wort, basil, sea buckthorn, black currant leaves – these herbs have high antioxidant properties, and are also considered active stimulants for updates and cell renewal of mature skin.
  • Lime, wheat, green tea, mint – data herbs for rejuvenation are used in cosmetic products as a moisturizer and a breeding ground components, increases the appearance and color of the face.
  • Birch, calendula, flax, oats, kalina – have a high rejuvenating properties – they are beautifully smooth out the existing wrinkles and prevent their formation, and also activates the natural production of the cells of mature skin collagen.
  • Ash, parsley, hops, rose hips, radiogram – excellent tone fading skin, returns to her lost freshness and radiant appearance.

Important point! The right herbs for facial rejuvenation should be qualitative, i.e., grown in ecologically clean areas, and not near highways or even worse, chemical plant.

Tiles and tools

Herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face – effective ways to use

Homemade cosmetics, just today is the more modern term "hade-made", has a number of different recipes, based on the use of medicinal herbs. Herbs for rejuvenation used to prepare lotions, tonics, creams, masks, peeling, scrubs, in the composition of herbal extracts and decoctions for washing the face.

Consider a few of the most effective way to use medicinal herbs with anti-aging goal:

Tiles and tools

For data preparation of cosmetic products it is advisable to use aloe juice (preferably bio-stimulated), infusion of leaves of birch, black currant, flowers of viburnum or linden.

Get the juice from aloe, with the bio-stimulant is to be cut with an adult (not less than 8-10 years) the aloe plant fleshy leaves, rinse them in clean water and put on the bottom shelf (or side door) fridge for 10-12 days. Followed by a grind the leaves of the plant through a meat grinder and squeeze from the resulting slurry of juice. In the process of the weakening of the life processes of plants in the given conditions, the aloe will begin to naturally produce a unique bio-substances, which are able to amplify the activity of the cells of the skin. Therefore, the use of the juice of the aloe, cooked in this way, ten times to increase the rejuvenating effect of cosmetic products with its use.

Cold and warm compresses

For their preparation it is recommended to use the following herbs for facial rejuvenation: nettle, mint, linden, chamomile, hops. Prepare a cold compress, you should pre-cooking of dry grass of boiling water (250 ml boiling water 1 tablespoon with a slide of powdered herbs or herbal mixture), and give her leave to stand for, and then cool the infusion of the wet cloth and apply it on the skin veils the face for a few minutes. For hot compresses of herbs, insist in the same way, only before using the infusion warmed on a water bath up to a temperature of 35-37 degrees.

Herbs for rejuvenation

Masks for face

Most popular homemade cosmetics, in which to use herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face, both in pure form and in complex with other rejuvenating natural products – honey, dairy products, eggs, natural vegetable and essential oils, cosmetic clay. Excellent mask for mature wrinkled skin is another ingredients: crushed black currant leaves, st. john's wort, nettle, the fruits of the crane (on the ½ hr. l.) cooking a small amount of steep boiling water (~100 ml) and wait until a little swell. Then decanting the infusion (it subsequently you can use such as lotions or lotions), and herbal porridge to connect with 10 ml juice of aloe, 5 ml of natural honey and 1 eggs. The resulting mass should be applied on the facial skin, avoid area around the eyes, no less than 15-20 min

Night cream for the face

It can be prepared on the basis of butter (preferably homemade) and horsetail, which field. For its preparation you need to combine with 30 g of softened butter with 2 tablespoons of powdered herbs and then in the oven for 15-20 minutes, Finished cosmetic product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5-6 days.

Herbs for rejuvenation – measures

All medicinal herbs, without exception, are considered completely safe for use. They do not cause addictive and almost impossible to overdose. But no matter, herbs for facial rejuvenation can harm your health in the form of allergic reaction that is often caused by individual intolerance substances that are part of these or other herbs. Therefore, before using herbal cosmetic products, do not forget to carry out pre-trial on the allergy sensitivity of the skin sheets to the other components of skin care composition.