How to prolong the beauty and youthful appearance of the face without surgery

Thanks to the development of cosmetics you can achieve facial rejuvenation without surgery for a few procedures. The main thing is not to feel sorry for the money. External appeal – that is the true wealth of every girl. And although there are many proverbs where it says that beauty is not bringing happiness, and improve it is necessary to the inner world of man, so why is it the young and beautiful rule the world, that all what they want?

young skin

It is possible to keep a youth?

No woman can put up with approaching old age and trying to distance himself the moment when wrinkles cover every piece of land on the skin.

Radical methods of struggle with wrinkles, for example, plastic surgery... But agree that not everyone can afford it, not to mention the number of contraindications and side effects. So that salvation must be sought in other methods of struggle with the age-related changes on the face, such as cosmetic injections.

See the modern stars, which, after long years of acting on stage. Many become apparent, that the age for them is not an obstacle. We can observe their miraculous transfiguration and it's all thanks to the advancement in cosmetology. But what are these methods of correction of the face using injections? Whether there are dangers or contraindications? How long will be the result after the implementation of all courses procedures? On this and many other more.

If it's worth it to think about rejuvenation?

Be forever young dreams of every woman, especially after thirty years, when age-related changes, which can already be seen on the face and hands in the form of wrinkles. Unfortunately, you can't be forever young, but it is possible to slow down the process of aging by using different proven methods.

The first thing we notice is that a small network of wrinkles that cover certain areas of the face:

1. The corners of the eyes. We often squinting for various reasons:

  • the bright sun,
  • when you think or see,
  • or just a broad smile.

2. The folds on the forehead, too, is problematic zones, sometimes do not even notice how the wrinkles of the forehead and how often. But over time, the skin loses its former elasticity, so creases are getting deeper and more visible.

3. Dimples on the cheeks. If early childhood is cute, then with age dents, still attractive aging spoiling the contours of the face.

4. Another issue is this area, chin and neck.

Important! Every woman should remember that the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the longer you save the youth!

Take care of yourself to have to start yet in their teens. It's a period of adjustment, and hormonal explosion. It is important to note that there is a need to protect the face from exposure to direct sunlight, use a protective cream.

The older a woman is, the more intensive the care required. Because gradually the production of natural collagen decreases, therefore, requires regular stimulation of the process.

Another harbinger of wrinkles is the propensity of man to edema. The problem here lies inside the organism, it is possible to develop hidden pathology, which worsens the condition of the skin of the face and, in consequence, to lose the external attraction. In this case, it is desirable to consult a physician.

phase of the aging of the skin

Sagging skin:

  • On the eyelids,
  • In the area of the face,
  • In the chin area.

The main cause of the changes in the contours of the face it is the loss of plasticity of the skin. From this begin to form folds.

The solution to all these problems exists, and there is no need to immediately turn to plastic surgeons. Thanks to the improvement of cosmetic services, can be drawn on the processes of withering skin of the face, using a number of methods.

What techniques offers modern cosmetology?

The diversity of approaches to solving the problems of aging, help to realize the dream of every woman to stay young and beautiful for a long time. Here are the main methods of struggle with time.

  • Plastic surgery. Ten years ago, this method is considered the only possible way to fight the signs of aging. Here is the only available was not only every woman, but a number of contraindications made the list of candidates even less.

Also does not guarantee that the outcome will meet the required needs of the patient. Often, there were many complications. And I'm trying to make beautiful turned into a mutilated face.

Of course, modern surgeons sculptures of the face, where it is more professional, but failed operations are happening now.

  • Facial rejuvenation injections without surgery. Exactly this way to keep the prestigious youth, now gaining in popularity. There are a number of different procedures, which will return the firmness and elasticity of the skin, after a couple of sessions, such as the Argireline.

The pros of this method is the possibility of every woman to choose the individual cocktail that she will work hard, without contraindications and side effects. Here is a list of the latest innovation in cosmetics:

  • Mesotherapy. In the structure of the composition, presented to you, includes the whole complex of active substances, which stimulates the processes of rejuvenation under the skin, but also nourishes the cells.

Each cocktail is set individually the patient with regard to the properties of the skin and problems, which need to be removed. In the assembly may occur: enzymes, amino acids, vitamin complexes.

Important! A regular intake of vitamins strengthens not only the body but also improves the color of the face.

Thanks to the injection of the introduction of the cocktail, the bottlenecks are supplied the necessary items that are immediately start an active activity, stimulates the natural processes of rejuvenation. The skin changes, increasing its flexibility and elasticity.

Age limit is not, so it is possible to rejuvenate the face without surgery 50 years. But the procedure should be repeated periodically, because the effect is manifested immediately.

  • Plasmolifting. This is the miracle of cosmetology did effect the success especially for allergy sufferers. The essence of the process is the introduction under the skin of the plasma harvested from his own blood of the patient. The effect is incredible, the body begins to run processes that contribute to the rejuvenation of the appearance.

The main advantage of the procedure is that the natural origin and composition of the injection, preventing the possibility of rejection. Use the services of only verified cosmetic clinics, to prevent defective services.

  • Biorevitalizatsiya. Danae procedure is based on the introduction of subcutaneous injections. Just a hyaluronic acid. This substance differs in that it is able to return the plasticity of the face after one treatment.

But you will have to cut away the entire face of a pattern and not just the problem area. Now has already appeared the possibility to spend the whole procedure using a laser, this is a significant plus, especially for those who are afraid of injections.

  • The contouring. Here is the main tool in the fight against the signs of aging: the goose legs on the eyelids, unsightly folds in the lips and the nose, is the modeling of the face by filling in the problem areas of special gels-fillers or the volumization of the lips.

Types of these gels is a lot of, the choice depends from the needs of the client. The main problem is that the short-term effect, for the maintenance of the effect youth have to repeat the procedure every half year. Common procedures can cause allergies, so be careful.

  • Plastic surgery using 3D masonite. This procedure is similar to plastic. The needle creates a kind of frame made of fibers around the perimeter of the face without leaving any traces of intervention. And the effect is visible immediately and does not require rehabilitation period. This method helps to keep the ideal person for a period of two years.

Beautician introduced a special hypoallergenic masonite fortress or refuge; a layer frame for the weak subcutaneous tissue.

  • Rejuvenation with the help of laser methods. Here you can use a laser grinding or fractional laser rejuvenation.

In the first case of the laser polished skin cells, removes from them the pigmentation and other imperfections, and at the same time, deep massage movements activates the natural processes of rejuvenation.

During the procedure, fractional rejuvenation, the scattered laser beams to act on the outer part of the skin, selective to remove all pigment spots and other flaws.

  • Photorejuvenation. This is a trend in the cosmetics industry recently, but has already gained popularity. With the help of the light are processed by the deepest layers of the skin. It is very effective nutrition of the tissues, because the light rays downloaded ultraviolet, which has a disastrous effect on the skin.

The effect of such warming of deep skin layers, activates the production of collagen, which forms a frame, significantly rejuvenating the face.

  • Lifting with the use of radio waves – RF.
  • Massage the skin with a special instrument or LPG-massage.
  • The ozone therapy. This procedure helps to nourish the skin cells with oxygen. Special apparatus the ozone mixture enters deep into the skin cells. After the procedure improves the skin metabolism, smoothed wrinkles. And overall, improves color of the face.

Regardless of the method of rejuvenation by means of injections or laser treatment you choose, it is important to remember safety techniques.

Best creams for facial rejuvenation without surgery

cream for the skin

Cosmetic means for maintaining the youthfulness of the skin is a large amount. Every cosmetic company trying to advertise its brand, the assignment of creams a number of unique features. Of course, all the loving women must always be:

  • Lotion or gel for daily washing of the face.
  • Special means for removing make-up. There is a special detergent for delicate zones are eyelids.
  • Scrub for deeper cleaning, there are daily scrub, which is not damaging to the skin.
  • Body lotion.
  • Tonic.
  • Face creams day and night.

And this is not to mention husks and a wide range of masks that nourish and tighten the skin. This is the reason, cosmetic creams and other remedies help to rejuvenate the face without the jabs.

There are a whole series of remedies for each skin type and age peculiarities. After all, with age require more of the active ingredients in creams, for maintaining the freshness of the skin.

The only advice is, when choosing the appropriate cosmetic products is mindfulness:

  • Study the composition of the funds.
  • The date of manufacture and shelf life are important, otherwise you risk to injure the skin, using expired make-up.
  • If you are allergic, then it is better to use hypoallergenic cosmetics, which can be purchased in special shops or pharmacies.

Tips for beauty therapists of various converge in one, it is necessary daily care for the skin of the face and other parts of the body, if you want to stay young and beautiful for years to come. Study the instructions, attached to the cosmetic products, in particular, it is a deep cleansing of the skin, such as peeling.

We use the healing properties of herbs

Folk medicine has for centuries used herbs and teas to maintain youth and beauty of women. Of course, many of the old recipes have its effectiveness, but because they are created at a time when the ecology was different.

Today's crazy rhythm of life involves the search for more powerful resources to maintain the beauty of the face. For the same use of folk remedies, it is necessary to constantly keep the effect of rejuvenation. Therefore, more and more women prefer the modern achievements of cosmetology, where for a one-time procedure, for example cryo nitrogen, the effect will be visible immediately.

Of course, if there is a shortage of finance is the place, the people's medicine where accessible, but will need a longer use of resources, to get the desired effect.

Masks for the preservation of youth

In any cosmetics office or in a beauty salon the use of a mask is first aid for the skin of the face. The main advantage of all the masks is the possibility of use in domestic conditions.


Many recipes for the preparation of a mixture can be found in open access. Or buy an already finished mixture from proven brands. When buying ready-made masks, the best indicator is the quality of the product, so the savings can give a good result, or even hurt.

Masks help to moisturize the skin, nourish its useful elements, incoming in the composition of the products used for the preparation of masks. In this way, it is good to maintain youth of the skin, if use them every day. Plus the use of a mask, this is an opportunity to search for a suitable recipe for the preparation of the mixture, especially if you know your problem areas.

Vitamin diet

Getting in the human body of vitamins is a crucial task. Because trace elements contained in the food, contribute to the prolongation of life and youth, including. Not for nothing do they say we are what we eat. This is the pure truth. Look at the people who indiscriminately eat harmful food, many drink alcohol, smoke. And all of this worsens the condition in the first place the skin.

But that doesn't mean that you have to sit on a grueling diets. More important here is to compile an individual offer. Where you will be able to get everything you need, in measured amounts, do not overload your own body.

When it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle and allow sports or gymnastic exercises the weekly schedule. So, beauty and youth, will stay with you in the coming years.

Conclusion on the youth of the face

She takes care of herself the main duty of every girl. Because the outer beauty is the business card of every woman. But the beauty demands victims, among which is time, resources, hard work on oneself, discipline. The reward for your efforts will be male attention, which won't let you. Remember the main commandment, man is always in love with their eyes, and that you didn't have the opponents attention to their appearance. Let the neighborhood wonders of his youth and freshness.