Skin rejuvenation of the face and body by using the procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action: the pros and cons

Photorejuvenation - this is the way out for those who have such problems, as:

  • aging of the skin, which can manifest itself in the reduction of the elasticity, tone and appearance of wrinkles;
  • pigmentation in the form of freckles and age pigmentation spots;
  • the availability of spider veins, as well as red streaks and spots on the face;
  • rosacea or in other words, acne rosacea;
  • acne rash.
skin rejuvenation

To resort to the procedure, preferably at the age of 30 years, just at this time, as a rule, the first wrinkles appear. During this course the procedure in this case allows you to not only remove existing wrinkles, but also protect against the formation of new ones. Only one procedure is able to significantly reduce the depth of existing wrinkles, and subsequent give you the opportunity to consolidate the result.

In addition to the cosmetic effect of photorejuvenation has a healing effect, which allows you to:

  • to stop the recurrence of herpes;
  • to accelerate the process of healing;
  • treat problematic and oily skin;
  • get rid of acne and acne;

Procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of

Photorejuvenation of the skin is one of the recent developments in modern cosmetology, for combating age-related skin changes and small defects on the skin of the face and body.

Photo rejuvenation – an effective technique, based on the effects of the intense beam of visible light on the layers of the skin. Thanks to high indicators and results, the method is very popular and in demand.

Procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of — painless, no side effects process. For the session do not need a long preparation and rehabilitation period. During the procedure, the patient feels a pleasant "refreshing" the heat that is bottled on the property of the skin and persists for about an hour after the session.

Procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of involves use of a special device that generates an intense beam of light at a certain frequency. Using the system led filters the light fail to tip, through which volume are directed to the problem areas of the skin. In order to protect the skin from overheating, right before the start of the session, applying a special gel. During the procedure, eyes protects, to prevent burns of the cornea.

For removing all kinds of defects and damage to the skin of the use of waves of radiation of different lengths. To get the desired result, the procedure spends 3-5 times for 2-e weeks. The length of one session to 40 minutes, depending on the problem to be solved problems and the individual characteristics of the client.

The number and intensity of the treatment must appoint an experienced specialist. Perform photorejuvenation at home, without the participation of a qualified expert, it is dangerous to health and may lead to the most unpredictable consequences. After the end of each session, the doctor-cosmetologist makes, processed light spots on the skin, protective cream.

Photorejuvenation of the face, perhaps the most common today method. The permanent effect of a facelift explains the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Start the conversation fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of a recommend from a 30-years old, but the procedure is effective and the juvenile problematic skin and is used for the solution of many problems.

Using this method, you can treat pigment spots and to remove freckles, use the photorejuvenation of the face, smoothes out minor and elimination of deep wrinkles, removal of vascular changes and extensions to the time when acne. Session fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action has a positive effect on the skin, increases tone and elasticity, serve to further measures after plastic surgery.

procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of

Do the procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of the face and body, preferably before the beginning of the summer season and at the end, when the skin is dry due to dehydration of the organism. Patients are often interested in the question of whether you can do photorejuvenation in the summer. Using this methodology it is possible to at any time during the year, however, due to their quantity and intensity of the sun's rays summer hot afternoon, after a meeting of the fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of in the summer should use cream against the sun tanning.

Experienced experts believe that photorejuvenation, as well as any other methods, can harm the failure to comply with the basic measures and the ignoring of contraindications. First of all, before visiting the procedure it is necessary to pass a medical examination and consult with your attending physician. There are health restrictions, which forbid or do not recommend that in a similar session: malignant education, hypertension, illness, pregnancy, coagulation disorders.

Need to necessarily put in the forefront the doctor-cosmetologist of the presence of allergic reactions. The negative consequences of fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action can give the inflammatory processes and feverish condition. The convening of the meeting it is not recommended to persons till 16 years, and it is strictly forbidden to persons with mental illness, in epilepsy and diabetes, the presence at the client of a pacemaker, and disruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland.

The benefits of treatments

If we talk about the benefits of this method fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action, then, are obvious:

  • photo rejuvenation increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, warns of aging, removes wrinkles and minor defects, without damaging the skin cover;
  • procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of is virtually painless (you may experience slight burning or tingling sensation);
  • the technique is safe and eliminates surgical intervention (activates the own resources of the body);
  • session short on time;
  • the absence of the rehabilitation period allows the passage of the procedure suitable for the clients;
  • photo rejuvenation of the body – the technique is available for a wider audience in the financial aspect, they can take advantage of patients with middle and lower middle is a thing of the executive service.

Today to go through a unique procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of many well-known companies, which provide useful information on their website. Experienced experts talk about the procedure, provide video materials, procedures to help each prospective client to make sure in correctness of the choice, see all the positive moments and advantages of this method.

Another major indication for use is the availability of a vascular mesh, or in other words rosacea. The light energy acts on the skin, coagulating the vessel, which then disappears.

For that, if you want to solve this problem, you can take advantage of even electrocoagulation, but here are a few drawbacks: first, it can take a very long time and in that case, if rosacea takes quite a large area of skin, and secondly, the probability of impact in a very small container even when using a very thin needle is less than 50%, and thirdly, after this procedure there is a high probability, that for a long time to walk with the wounds of the red color on the face, it is very annoying.

Contraindications to the use of methods fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of


It should say that the contraindications for methods of not a few, photorejuvenation is contraindicated:

  • sick epilepsy and other mental diseases;
  • pregnant;
  • in the period of lactation;
  • at the stage of exacerbation of atopic dermatitis;
  • suffering from psoriasis;
  • those who are less than 2 weeks exposed to the sun or chemical peeling;
  • in the presence of inflammatory processes in the zone, which is planned to process;
  • on too dark skin;
  • in severe form of hypertension;
  • those who have acute or chronic form of the disease the skin;
  • in the presence of malignant tumors of the skin and a tendency to develop keloid scars;
  • sick diabetes;
  • in acute forms of herpes, and in their active stage;
  • people with diseases of the eye;
  • if in the expected place of treatments are available for varicose phenomena;
  • when the hormonal disorders, leading to the growth of unwanted hair;
  • by being on the supposed site of rejuvenation of fresh wounds and cuts;
  • who impaired blood clotting.

In addition, the bad influence of light exposure can and for those who take antibiotics, sedatives, antidepressants, diuretics, anti-inflammatory or other medications, because they are able to increase the skin's sensitivity to light. In this case it is better to consult with the attending physician.

Refrain from exercising is recommended, even to those whose age has not reached 16 years of age due to incomplete hormonal rebuilding of an organism and the who in places of the planned light exposure are available implanted gold threads.