Effective facial wrinkle creams

Doctors-dermatologists, is not engaged in the sale of cosmetic products and the development of the aesthetic procedures, quite skeptical, "всесильности" creams with the designation of "rejuvenating". The age of emergence of wrinkles, their number and the depth more dependent on genetics and lifestyle, than on what resources one has. What would dear not a cream, it will not help if a woman does not высыпается, poorly nourished, or smoke.

anti-wrinkle cream

Also the formation of wrinkles have the effect of:

  1. The oiliness of the skin. obladatelnicy dry skin much earlier than you notice the first signs of aging. For them, the face cream anti-wrinkle moisturizing and nourishing action – the subject of the first needs. Oily skin is more dense and elastic, and long doesn't need omolazhivayushhem care.
  2. Type of aging. Beautician emit several types of aging, but from the point of view of the development of wrinkles their two: gently and krupnomorshhinistyj. In the first case there is a drought and degradation processes in the upper layer of the epidermis, provoking the emergence of many folds in a well-preserved oval of the face. For the fight with the "netted" skin needs intense hydration, nourishment, protection from uv rays and wind. In the second variant is dominated by the gravitational changes: ptosis, bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids, deep furrows from nose to mouth, chin and cheeks. These folds almost not possible to remove the conservative methods. For their prevention anti-wrinkle cream should contain components that firmness and strengthening of the skeleton of the face, it is – to have liftingovym effect.
  3. The intensity of the uv radiation. Dermatologists say that the skin there is nothing worse, than sun radiation. Exactly sunlight causes premature aging in women who live in hot climates, and in severyanok, a great interest for the artificial tan. An effective anti-wrinkle cream should contain strong uv filters.

German scientists have conducted studies that have shown that the effectiveness of the most popular anti-age of the funds is approx 10 – 15%. To combat wrinkles neinvazivnymi methods is a good enough result. In fact противовозрастной cream has a preventive effect and can reduce the severity of wrinkles at the expense of the total improvement of the skin condition.

But to get the reflection in the mirror really pleased, the woman must clearly understand what problems require correction, and in accordance with them to pick up the composition of the cream.

"Magical" ingredients of the cream anti-wrinkle – myths and reality

For the youth of the skin meet the components, such as fibers of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. To stimulate their creation are aimed many cosmetic procedures and injections gialuronovymi filerami and botulotoksinom on today — is the most popular way to remove wrinkles and folds.

anti-wrinkle cream myths

Hyaluronic acid

Idea напитать declining extent into the dermis these substances has pushed cosmetic laboratories in the development of special creams. But the presence in the composition of the гиалуроната and soedinitelnotkannyx protein does not provide any benefits. The molecules of these substances are too large to penetrate the more superficial layers of the skin. When first washing the face is washed off and is well, if not clog the pores, causing acne and blackheads.


One more "magical" components from wrinkles – botox. It's so popular that it has become a real symbol of rejuvenating treatments. This toxin really effectively fights against mimicheskimi folds at the time paralizuya the surrounding muscles and relax smorshhennuyu the skin. But its effect is manifested only when инъекционном the introduction of directly into the muscles. Botox in the cream – no more than a marketing ploy.


placentarnaya cosmetics – another myth in the industry of beauty and youth. Hood from the placenta contains hormonal substances that act favorably on the skin. However, the effect of the cancellation and a lot of serious side manifestations negates all efforts for rejuvenation.

Royal jelly

It is not a panacea and royal jelly. This valuable product of beekeeping contains a large amount of the necessary for the skin, proteins, vitamins, acids, trace elements, but to fight with wrinkles it is better to take him inside – out, it's useless.

Stem cells

From the latest cosmetology hope inspires the use of extracts of plant stem cells. It is secrete from different plants and to add to the formula of rejuvenating remedies, depending on the purpose of the product.

Some cells contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of the skin, the other – to reduce the depth of wrinkles and smooth out small wrinkles. To stem extracts of the result, must be composed of at least 5%. It is recommended that such cream from wrinkles after 30 years.


Some of the plant components on the structure and action reminiscent of the female sex hormones. Because of the similarity with human substances, which penetrate deep into the skin and have a strong rejuvenating effect.

Estrogen is considered the main hormone of female beauty, and фитоэстроген performs its function without the addiction and health damage. If in cream from wrinkles after 40 years of come fitogormony in a concentration of from 30%, you can count on a good result with regular use.


Synthetic substance, created from the remnants of amino acids, connected peptidnymi supply represent mikromolekuly protein, which are capable of встраиваться to the structure of the skin. Peptides with блокирующими features reduce contraction mimicheskoj muscle and acts as a ботоксу – release "emotional" wrinkles.


Stimulating peptides cause the active division of cells of collagen and make the skin thick and soft. And you, and other protein compounds have a strong rejuvenating effect and shows a mature woman with pronounced symptoms of aging.

The production of cosmetics with пептидами – a complex and expensive process, so a good anti-wrinkle cream after 50 years can not be cheap. The effective concentration of peptides – not less than 7%, but only 1 g of these substances удорожает production immediately for 30 euros.


Nanotechnology got into the beauty industry, that can not please. Because it's липосомы about the size of 10 nm solves the main task of cosmetology: how without injections and operations to bring the useful substances to the deeper layers of the skin. Prisoners in nanosomy anti-aging ingredients penetrate in the downward extent into the dermis and there are released during the dissolution of the shell liposfer.

How to choose anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-age funds have in the assortment of every cosmetic brand. As usual, the whole line, is intended for ladies of different ages. Choose the best anti-wrinkle cream, you cannot navigate to a heading at the waist, is much more important to adequately assess the condition of the skin:

  • the number, depth and type of морщинок, their localization;
  • the first signs of aging, or expressed as wilting;
  • the availability of птоза, дряблости, dryness and other problems.

It is desirable that the composition of the product entered active ingredients:

  • retinoids – stimulate the production of own collagen of the skin;
  • hydrolyzed collagen – supports tone and elasticity of the tissues;
  • organic acids (fruit and milk products) – отшелушивают the upper cell layers of the epidermis, activates the processes of updating;
  • muscle relaxants (аргирелин, керамид 3, extract bosvelii) — relax the mimic muscles of the face.

In addition to the action anti-wrinkle cream should provide:

  • hydration;
  • nutrition;
  • alignment mikrorelefa;
  • uv protection;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • gipoallergennost.

For the selection of the cream for wrinkles is best to consult with an experienced beautician, which suit all the individual characteristics, the problems of aging skin and advise you on the most appropriate means. Непрофессионалу hard to understand the players, the diversity of products, lines, manufacturers. In addition, the cost on cosmetics in different price segments may vary sometimes, but not always the expensive work better than cheap.

How to apply?

No anti-wrinkle cream does not give instant results. To obtain a more or less noticeable effect, it is necessary to regularly use the resources at least 28 days. Just as much time is needed to skin, restore the surface layer with respect to the obtained anti-aging ingredients.

The second rule of antiaging – систематичность. The cream should be applied not from case to case, and each day, in accordance with the instruction.

It is important to learn the correct technique of application:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin with a suitable means for washing the face. Blot face with a towel.
  • Apply the cream on massage lines: from the center to the sides light movements from the bottom up.
  • It is not stretch and does not press the skin. Вбивайте cream light похлопываниями of the fingers, providing a massage for the inflow of blood.
  • Do not use the cream for the area around the eyes. Buy a special, more soft. The technique of drawing – circular: from the outer corner of the lower eyelid to the nose, then from the inner corner to виску.

Home remedies

home remedies

Любительницы cosmetics own manufacturing will appreciate the recipes of homemade face cream anti wrinkle:

  • Recipe Of Cleopatra. 3 tbsp of honey, mix with 4 tbsp. l. milk, to homogeneity, applied to the skin. After 10 minutes, wash off, blot the face with a napkin. Means warns the wrinkles, refreshes and whitens the skin.
  • Vitamin cream. Finely chop a cup of fresh dill, add sushenuyu фиалку (5 g), a few drops of oil (jojoba, coconut), vitamins And and Ie. In a blender, whisk until the consistency of oatmeal, намажьте on the face for 5 minutes, then rinse. Whitens the skin, napityvaet vitamins and fights with the first wrinkles.
  • Cream the avocado. Разомните avocado pulp, add the juice of two колечек cucumber, 3 tbsp of almond oil. Stir, apply around the eyes. Over a quarter of an hour carefully remove the – "crow's feet" disappear.
  • The waxy cream. Melt a piece of natural beeswax, add a few perepelinyx yolks and a glass of oil, a jojoba oil. Bring to boiling, остудите and place in glass containers. Use the cream at night, through the day.

It's not worth it to expect miracles from a home creams, they are not able to cope with deep wrinkles and "spolzayushhim" face, but well suited for the prevention of wilting.