The function of non-ablative skin rejuvenation

In the current conditions, rejuvenation of the facial skin - one of the problems that can be solved without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon. At the present time, beauty salons offer a wide range of services. Among a large number of modern technology it is possible to choose this or that methodology, on the basis of not only on the testimony and contraindications, but also on the financial possibilities.

the function of non-ablative skin rejuvenation

One of the won a great popularity, is the method of fractional laser rejuvenation.

Advantages of the method in its safety and high efficiency. The final result, and the rehabilitation period are to a large extent determines the kind of installation.

What is laser rejuvenation

For rejuvenating treatments applied by carbon dioxide and erbium laser, the characteristic features, which is a different wavelength and degree of absorption of energy. Data properties and is defined by the technology exposure:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2), the device is applicable for laser skin rejuvenation. When this laser beam acts both on the surface and deep layers of the skin. Ablative rejuvenation allows you to smooth out all roughness of the skin, whiten the Pigment spots and get a quick effect of the laser. A period of rehabilitation with this method of exposure is from one to two weeks.
  • Rejuvenation laser rejuvenation is characterized by the deep penetration of the beam and the lack of damage to the surface layers. With this method of exposure rejuvenating effect manifests itself gradually, but due to a lack of detrimental effect on the upper layer of the skin, shortens the period of rehabilitation.

The method of non-ablative skin rejuvenation suits those who do not want to violate the usual rhythm of life, and only aims to improve the turgor and elasticity of the skin.

Why the application of laser therapy is an effective procedure

Modern laser unit: CO2 and erbium, have a fractional exposure, which gets damaged, and only 20% of the volume of the skin.

The regeneration process starts after its entire surface, which minimizes the process of thermal damage of the skin and the emergence of scars and scarring, but also activates the process of regeneration and the synthesis of new cells. In the result, the skin stretches and rejuvenated.

The indications for ablative methods

As stated above, the ablative rejuvenation is quite an effective way of smoothing shallow wrinkles, improvement of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, fight with pigment spots. So, how laser operates essentially in the upper layers of the skin, something's happening, update in the entire depth of penetration of the beam and is visible correction of all defects.

The result is noticeable after just one treatment.

Who is the intended rejuvenation of the rejuvenation of the

Laser rejuvenation skin rejuvenation used for:

  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • removal of pigmented sections of skin cover;
  • the effect of a facelift;
  • increasing the flexibility and elasticity of the skin;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • removal of skin defects.
This fractional fractional rejuvenation laser suit perfectly if you want to achieve a more expressive result without intense exposure in the presence of a minimum rehabilitation period.

If it's worth it to give up procedures

As well as most of the methods to guide the laser therapy has a number of contraindications.

Among them it is worth paying attention to the presence of these problems:

  • violation of the coagulation of the blood system;
  • the condition of pregnancy;
  • disease epilepsy;
  • the availability of the cancer disease;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • the presence of inflammatory process in the area of exposure of the laser beam.
Important! The skin is after the rejuvenation of the laser becomes very sensitive and, therefore, some time is not worth it to expose it to the action of the sun's rays.

Photo: before and after

photo before and after


Reviews about the procedure laser treatment the most conflicting.

  • Those who use this service for smoothing wrinkles, satisfied with the results, but it is recommended to use a more gentle method of rejuvenation.
  • In cases, the treatment of acne, is also rating positive, and the results of the disappearance of scars and acne scars, as they say: on the face.

But in most point out that the procedure is sufficiently painful and the rehabilitation period is poor.

In addition to this - laser - is quite an expensive procedure.