How to rejuvenate the skin of hands at home

From the natural aging of the skin, no one is safe. After a lapse of time by the action of various factors, the skin fades. The skin of hands begins to play, often on the surface to form pigment spots. Girls and women resort to newfangled cosmetics, but they're finding that they are inconclusive. Here comes the need to use folk ways to rejuvenate, which we will talk today. Consider the most effective products, put gradually the instructions for use.

rejuvenation of skin of hands

Why is the skin on the hands is aging

  1. Weather conditions. The most common cause of weakness of the skin of the hands are considered to be weather conditions. As a result of direct exposure to uv radiation in the summer derma dries up, they appear pigmented spots. In the winter the skin of hands is exposed to sudden temperature changes, which are accompanied by the frosty wind. These properties lead to disruption of blood circulation, which tissue does not get enough oxygen and wither. For people who spends much time in direct sunlight or in freezing noticed the strong expansion of the capillaries, peeling, dryness.
  2. Age-related changes. After a lapse of time to the production of collagen and elastin decreases significantly, due to which skin loses its elasticity. Because in the body at the same time slows down all metabolic processes, the epidermis completely due to lack of moisture. Regeneration will take place at the proper level, because the blood vessels to constrict. The result of the used of excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, common dry.
  3. Cleaning products. To date, there are a lot of domestic drugs, which expose the skin of the hands early aging. Wet wipes, liquid or compact soap, shower gel, detergent for washing the floors — all this has a negative effect on the epidermis. Many girls prefer to protect skin gloves at home cleaning. However, the soap solutions destroys the lipid layer of the dermis, which saved the underdeveloped rural areas of the drainage. With regular use of antibacterial agents the sebaceous glands cease to produce the protective barrier.
  4. Hormonal failure. If we talk about the processes that take place in the body, the failure of hormonal background harmful just affect the skin condition. Wilt noticed in the period of menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding, breast-feeding, puberty. This feature appears therefore, that estrogen is produced in smaller quantities. The skin gets protection, because it is the disturbed lipid barrier. In the coupe with the weather conditions and consumer chemistry the epidermis begins to rapidly age.

Preventive action

  1. In the process of work in the home protects the skin of hands gloves. The recommendation is relevant not only in the case of the finish flooring, or cleaning of sanitary ware. Wear gloves before you wash dishes, windows, etc. To the skin is not sweating, and did not lose precious moisture, to go to sleep into the cavity of glove talc with chamomile or other medicinal herbs (baby powder).
  2. As mentioned earlier, the skin of the hands is aging due to the influence of negative factors. In the summer apply a special composition, deter the penetration of uv radiation in the lower layers of the dermis. In the winter, wear gloves, use a bold anti-gel cream (suitable remedy for children). In the fall, when it rains and blows strong wind, use leather gloves.
  3. Pay attention to choosing a toilet soap. Give preference to the product with the term "plasticizer", is designed with regard to PH-balance the skin of the hands. Wash your hands only with lukewarm water, in no case should not be too hot or cold. After impregnation with a towel, apply nourishing cream (more precisely, after each washing!).
  4. Do manicure at least 2 times a month. The procedure must consist only of the removal of the cuticle and grinding of the nail plate. Manicure also includes paraffin and herbal baths, scrubbing, the use of masks.
  5. Avoid dehydration of the skin, drink plenty of fluids. The "correct" rate is about 2.6 to l. for girls and women of middle stature. Who is dedicated to the sport, it is recommended to increase the amount to 3 ml a day. It is important to drink the norm not only in summer but also in winter.
rejuvenation of skin of hands in the household

Phase number 1. Anti-aging baths for hands

Trays for hands — an excellent resource that fill in the water balance and accelerates blood circulation. Experts recommend to carry out the procedure at least 3 times a week. Duration is about 10-30 minutes, everything depends on the composition. After the completion of all the manipulations with fat declining levels of the dermis with a nourishing cream.

  1. Starch and kefir. Pour into the pan 2 ml of warm water, add 30 g. starch (potato, corn), mix it. Preheat 180 ml fat yogurt in the microwave, a thin trickle pour in the water. Dip your hands in the pan, soak 20 minutes.
  2. Potatoes. Wash a few tubers of potatoes, cut them in half, boil them. Then remove the vegetables and broth, add 100 ml lemon juice 3 l. of water. Keep your hands in the composition of the 15 minutes. Cook the potatoes you can grind in a blender and use as a mask (duration of exposure is half an hour).
  3. Chamomile. Cook of 2.8 ml of hot water 100g. chamomile flowers, add 3 ml of essential oil of geranium, and 5 ml. of eucalyptus (can be replaced with infusion of marigold). Dip your hands in the cooled composition (temperature around 35 degrees), wait 25 minutes.
  4. The liquid soap. The spread in hot water and a little liquid soap, add 30 g. from the colors, leave to infuse for 1 hour. After the expiration of time to preheat the solution on the stove, dip your hands in warm composition. After a lapse of a quarter of an hour, rinse the skin and apply the cream.
  5. Milk. Heat on the stove 2 liters. of milk fat from 3%, add 60 grams. potato starch and mix. Do the bath for half an hour, then wash the skin and lubricate the moisturizing cream.
  6. Corn oil. Heat the way to 120 ml of corn and 100 ml of olive oil. Pour the two end up in the basin, write to the 2.3 ml of warm water, mix. Lower the handle to the composition, soak for half an hour. After a lapse of time is not rinse the mixture, collect the moisture with a towel.

Phase number 2. Anti-aging peeling hands

Peeling of the hands is carried out after the adoption of the bath, but not more than 1 times per week. After softening the epidermis is necessary is to remove dead skin cells, which prevents the natural regeneration of the skin.

  1. Sea/river sand. Peeling prepared on the basis of fine sand, in which it is contained stones and shells. Cook 180 gr. the composition in the course of 20 minutes, then drain the water. Mix the hot mixture with vegetable oil, do a scrub for 3 minutes.
  2. Honey and sugar. To prepare the scrub you will need to combine in one mass, cane sugar, and honey. After mixing the ingredients would have turned out a creamy weight, do not dissolve the pellets. Gently massaging the skin for 5 minutes, then rinse composition.
  3. Sour cream. Take 70-85 grams. with a thick oily cream, begin to slowly pour the chopped sea salt to create a paste. Pour 25 ml of vegetable oil (can substitute olive). RUB your hands the mixture for 5 minutes.
  4. Coffee grounds. To prepare an effective composition, you will need the order of 135 grams. used ground coffee (grounds). Mix it with shower gel or liquid soap into a spreadable patterns. Distribute over the surface of the hand, RUB the skin for 3-5 minutes.

Phase number 3. Anti-aging mask for hands

It is recommended to perform the procedure at least 3 times a week after using the spa, in some cases — of scrub.

  1. Fish oil. Mix 2 ampoules (20 ml) of fish oil with 55 gr. fat cottage cheese, rub the product fork and if it is on the skin of the hands. Wear plastic gloves, soak 40 minutes, rinse.
  2. Butter and glycerin. Take 15 ml of liquid glycerin, add 45 gr. honey, melting the mixture in the microwave. Pour 20 gr. gelatin and wait half an hour. When the pellets swell, write 45 gr. butter, and bring the mass to homogeneity. If on the hand, wrap the paint brush plastic wrap or wear gloves for manicure. Soak for half an hour.
  3. Parsley. Cut the one by one fresh ray of parsley and dill, add fatty sour cream to the mass was dense. Pour 25 gr. corn starch, stir and create the mask. Wear rubber gloves, leave for half an hour.
  4. Oatmeal. Whisk mixer or whisk chicken protein pour 30 gr. oat flour. Miss through a meat grinder half the fruit of the avocado, the pre-removal of the bone (remove the skin). A couple of formulation, make the mask, wait 20 minutes.
  5. The cucumber and carrots. Wash the carrots and the cucumber, remove the "ass", chop vegetables into slices. Send in a blender or meat grinder, chop to a pulp. Add 25 ml of olive oil and 5 ml of vitamin a (sold in the pharmacy, is available in ampoules of 10 ml.). if the mixture on the skin on the hands, wear gloves, rinse over 35 minutes.
  6. Black bread. Remove the crumb of black bread, tear into pieces, pour the hot milk. Once the product softens, send him to the blender, draining off the excess fluid. Turn the bread to mush, add 10 gr. corn and potato starch. Make a mask, leave it on for 25 minutes.
rejuvenation of skin of hands means

Stage number 4. Rejuvenating paraffin for hands

  1. Cosmetic paraffin wax you without a job you get at the pharmacy or a professional shop for hairdressers. Before the procedure, wash your hands, spend peeling and create a bath, steam skin.
  2. Cook the composition of the melt in microwave or in a water bath 550 gr. paraffin wax or beeswax, add 30 ml of ether, jojoba oil, olive oil and extract of calendula. Pour 20 ml of vitamin a and 30 ml. of vitamin Ie.
  3. Mix the ingredients in a pot, heat and at the same time mix. Preheat the brush with warm water, pat dry dry. Scoop brush paraffin wax, spread on the skin. On request it is possible several times to skip hands into the pot with the composition, what is the most important, pay attention to the temperature.
  4. Wear on the hands with plastic gloves and wrap the brush with a cloth. Wait about half an hour, then carefully remove the paraffin gloves. Spend the 1 time in 10 days.

It is hard enough to rejuvenate the skin of hands, if not have an idea with regard to possible procedures. First of all, observe the precaution, that will prevent the depletion of the skin. Come on trays, do not forget to scrub and mask, apply on the brush the cosmetic paraffin.