Apparatus for fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of the skin in home conditions

Photorejuvenation — this is a modern method of skin rejuvenation. Its essence lies in the action on the cells of the skin to the sun or an artificial light source, encourage the formation of new cells and eliminates old ones.

In the conditions of the home to spend the procedures fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of, it has become possible only recently. For it were developed a special device for home use, the best of which we will discuss in this article.

Photorejuvenation at home: advantages and disadvantages

Apparatus for fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of the skin

The device fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of in home conditions is currently sold in special online stores. These devices have the function of what and in salons. They're just more compact dimensions and the performance is less, and in the application easily. Used for rejuvenation of the whole body, with the exception of the zone around the eyes, the ears, the hair cover the head and inguinal land.

The advantages of home treatment:

  • as the apparatus is at home, and photorejuvenation takes place in the home, and no time is wasted at the salon;
  • device for use at home less capacity and without the risk of damage to the body, and no side actions;
  • saving funds, because the cost of the course, on average, is equal to the value of the device, and they can be used repeatedly several times;
  • the cumulative effect – with the completion of the course of rejuvenation, the process still continues, because started natural mechanism of nutrition of the skin.

Disadvantages of home use almost none.

Before the start of the session fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of in the home, you should study the instructions for use of the device.

Who can not use the apparatus: contraindications

Photorejuvenation, as well as any cosmetic procedure has its contraindications, and it:

  • open wounds, scratch, seam, superimposed on recently;
  • dark skin (4-5 photo type);
  • the aggravation of diseases such as — cardiovascular, endocrine and pulmonary;
  • varices and bleeding disorder;
  • hormonal disruption;
  • eye disease;
  • oncology;
  • tan on the skin;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • herpes (at the time of acute) and diseases of the skin;
  • prosthesis or metal construction in the body;
  • the use of drugs: antipsychotics, and a variety of antibiotics;
  • hypertension in a severe form;
  • disorders of the psyche;
  • pacemaker;
  • the status of the fever.
Who cannot use photomalaysia apparatus

Doctors pay attention that the use of the device for fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of, the more at home, future and nursing mothers, is strictly prohibited. It is unknown how it will affect the baby.

How to properly use the machines in the home environment

Before you start photorejuvenation at home, the device need to be tested for skin sensitivity:

  • one flash in place the required procedures;
  • choose a performance suitable for the given section;
  • through the day to look at your skin, if it's not red, no flakes and its not burning, then the device you can enjoy.

If the above points there are, it is necessary to repeat the test. In case of repetition of unpleasant sensations, this device is not suitable.

Photorejuvenation is usually performed on clean skin, but there are cases (it's mentioned in the instructions), when it is necessary to use a special cream. Necessarily carry out the procedure in the sunglasses. In conclusion, to treat the skin nourishing cream.

A course of 8-12 times for 2-3 months. Usually the effect is visible over a month, and the whole 3. The next course to start, relax for at least 3 months.

It is important, to coddle, to cause damage to the skin. In addition, it is recommended to read the instructions for each device.

You cannot — in the course of treatment and during the 14 days after avoid falling of direct sunlight, go to a spa, a sauna, and a solarium. Also after the procedure 2 first day to play sports. The best period for fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action — it is autumn and winter.

Skin care after use of the device for skin rejuvenation

After spending procedure fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action, it is necessary to apply to the skin cream. If the effect of the drought, then in the night, you can still lubricate the skin cream from the inflammation. In addition, after treatment can not erase the face every day.

On the second day it is already possible to wash your face, and again cause the cream, next, apply 3 times during the day. The evening allowed to adopt, while a hairdryer.

The next day, perform the same skin care. And on the 3rd day morning and evening use moisturizing cream, you can use decorative cosmetics.

What kind of results they give the home the device

One procedure is not giving results, it is necessary to pass the minimum course of 5 times.

In addition, collagen stands out slowly and the regeneration process starts after 30 days after 1 session, with that, he passed the entire course.

After the execution of fotoomlazování skin is exposed to the action of the fade freckles, age spots, warts, vascular asterisks, improve and refresh the skin, the amount of wrinkles is reduced. To achieve the best result and maintain it, the procedure should be repeated 2 times a year. In addition, each device has its sense and brings results.

Today there are a large number of devices for rejuvenation and improving the appearance of the skin. Before you start treatment, it is necessary to find out which the device decides what kind of skin problems. And, of course, study the instructions for use that the procedure was useful and safe.

The device for facial rejuvenation at home will help you to achieve the desired objectives.

As research has shown, this cosmetology is not less effective, than the small common.

  • Similar procedures are able to customize not only the early signs of aging, but also later.
  • Products for home use are much smaller dimensions than similar beauty-equipment, of a kind used in offices cosmetology.
  • The convenience in the implementation of the treatment sessions.
  • Saving time and funds.
  • The ability to perform complete care in each place.

There are several kinds of devices for facial rejuvenation. They differ from each other different principle of work.

  1. Facilities for persons with micro current.
  2. Laser rejuvenation.
  3. Radio frequency lifting.
  4. Plastic surgery skin ultrasound.
  5. Device for vacuum massage.
  6. Device for holding ionotherapy, light and ozone therapy.

Laser skin rejuvenation facial

The principle of laser rejuvenating products similar with similar salon of the device.

They emit radiation, which reach even the most inaccessible layers of the skin and promote the formation of collagen and elastin. Also improve blood flow.

Thanks to the rapid saturation of the body with oxygen and useful components. It turns out that the recovery of the dermis from the inside. Cells begin to work intensively, which leads to the effect of rejuvenation.

When laser therapy deliberately injured area of the skin.

Between the damaged areas remain healthy cells, that act had to restore. Derma starts hard "patching holes", how quickly would get to normal.

The device for facial rejuvenation at home

Carry out the procedure may be through the day. The course usually takes 3-4 months.

Although this procedure and easy, but yet it is intervention into the body of the oth her is worth it to give up:

  • those who suffer from skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis);
  • pregnant;
  • allergic;
  • during exacerbation of herpes;
  • after performing chemical peels;
  • when any inflammation.

Before performing the procedure correction, is not superfluous will consult with cosmetologist or a medical practitioner.

Ultrasonic facial rejuvenation

Ultrasonic phonophoresis requires a bit of time. Those 20 minutes three times a week to find every woman. This procedure is a combination of treatments, ultrasound and mesotherapy.

This scrub helps to clean the top layer of the skin from keratinized cells. But this does not affect the natural processes of aging, that in the future the poor will not affect the condition of the skin.

On the basis of this method is the ultrasonic wave with a predetermined frequency. Provides oxygen, increases blood flow and provides a moisturizing effect.

In consequence, there comes the birth of new cells, including collagen and elastin. The result of all these measures is that the contour of the face stretches.

Ultrasonic skin correction is contraindicated:

  • Patients with cancer;
  • Suffering from cardiovascular diseases;
  • When neuralgia;
  • In acute skin diseases;
  • After operations on the face.

Hardware vacuum massage the face

An electric device with several attachments is intended for the massage of different zones of the face.

Advantage of massager is that:

  • you can regulate the vacuum pressure;
  • does not damage the tiny blood vessels, because there is the possibility of choosing the desired safe mode;
  • there is no need to strive to create the necessary vacuum. Just hold it for a comfortable grip and move in the right direction.

The principle of the device is simple.

  1. Attachment of the apparatus, pulling the skin — creates a vacuum. He has such a strong grip that tissue of the fat in this place are bursting.
  2. The lymphatic system deals with his conclusion.
  3. The device promotes the formation of the pulse wave, that massage all areas of the face.

Thanks to this massage you can achieve:

  • smoothness and regularity of the skin;
  • the removal of edema;
  • weight loss of facial contours;
  • more blood flow;
  • the update of the epidermis;
  • smoothing the wrinkles.

Vacuum rejuvenation is contraindicated in:

  • the damage of the skin, wounds on him, sores and scratches;
  • rosacea;
  • large moles;
  • when a large amount of acne;
  • when the sensitive skin.

Radio waves and microcurrents — repair of the skin

The principle of operation is similar to the action of a microwave oven. When heated skin cover radio waves begin to develop fibroblasts.

It is useful the fact that the collagen fibers get tense and this will smooth out the wrinkles and stretch marks disappear.

The benefits of such a home facial rejuvenation in the following:

  • practices are held painless;
  • take a bit of time (averaging 20 minutes);
  • the result is noticeable already after the first use;

But in this process, and contraindications.

It can not do:

  • pregnant;
  • has as a systemic disease, such as scleroderma, lupus and vasculitis;
  • suffering from endocrine disorders;
  • in more advanced forms of hypertension;
  • when existing implants;
  • during acute infections.