Effective mask for wrinkles around eyes at home: recipes and tips

Natural vegetables and fruits (spinach, red pepper, blueberries and raspberries) saturated antioxidants. Protects the epidermis from aggressive environmental factors, the skin remains soft and silky.


With the expensive salon procedures everything is clear – posted a tidy sum, and got the expected result. But it is possible to remove deep creases in the eye, without resorting to expensive drugs? It turns out, from unwanted creases easily get rid of, resorting that represent the system of care.

the reasons for the emergence of wrinkles around the eyes

The main factor, which helps the deep folds on the upper part of the dermis – slow education of elastin and collagen fibers. These are proteins, which are special "building bricks", with which they form a stable framework that supports the skin cover. The Deficit of these substances always leads to the formation of wrinkles, "dna" and cracks into the depth of the skin.

In the area of the eyelids decrease of skin is due to a small lipid layer, its lack.

Activate aging in the area around the eyes a few factors:

  • Drinking alcohol and smoking, high mimic activity and squinting in the poor vision. These are the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles, regardless of age, often formed in youth.
  • Washing the chlorinated water, work in the industrial enterprise, in the production of, in plants, incorrect diet and pollution. These factors will in time increase the risk of accumulation of toxins in the cells of the epidermis, which is fraught with premature aging. In advanced cases in the extremities of the stagnant fluid, which leads to swelling of the skin.
  • Incorrect posture during sleep. Falling asleep face down, a person reduces the flow of oxygen to the head. When multiple recurrence is fraught with the emergence of permanent and deep wrinkles.
  • Improper care of the face, its complete absence, or the use of cheap cosmetics, – these causes only worsen the structural changes in the dermis.
  • Factors in the external environment. The skin becomes dry, if it constantly operates wind, dry air, ultraviolet rays or the cold. At the age arises irritation. It is important every day to moisturize the face nourishing creams.
  • Work at the computer – the indirect factor, provoking education folds on the face.

The skin around the eyes is arranged in a special way, it requires careful and attentive attitude. It is important to stick to the basic recommendations for the care (before going to bed wash with warm water, to clean the skin before makeup, apply a natural and nourishing mask). These rules are not only to prolong the youth, but also outweighs the danger of premature aging.

Naive to believe that wrinkles – the fate of a woman under 40. Every year these unsightly folds on the face of the "younger" often appear in 20 year-old girls. To a similar to better prepare in advance, both physically and mentally. But this problem is solved: cosmetic products, balancing mask for wrinkles around the eyes, serum – the main helpers in the fight with the structural changes of the skin.

cosmetic products for wrinkles around the eyes

The easiest and most effective way to decide to go with for treason deepening – a selection of good cosmetics. Great attention is paid to the active substance, represented on the gels and creams. It is important that in the used product dominated components, such as urea, hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the active hold moisture in the deep structures of the epidermis, wrinkles are reduced, skin is equalized.

For creams with a strong lifting-effect in the area around the eye main ingredients are: peptides, ceramides, plant extracts, organic acids, lecithin, antioxidants. These substances are characterized by a wide range of events.

  1. Peptides eliminate stagnant processes, swelling, increases the elasticity of blood vessels.
  2. Antioxidants protect the declining extent into the dermis of the external environmental factors.
  3. Organic acids balance the skin tone, removed from the sheets excessive pigmentation.
  4. Vitamins E release of a shallow mimic wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the skin.

Beauticians recommend to not only use the day cream, and night. Not superfluous will be gels, serums, and other concentrates with pullup effect. Now produces a specialized line of cosmetic products under each age category.

For the removal of age furrows are appropriate to the special hydrogel patches. This patch, saturated with trace elements, active substances and extracts from plants. Have on declining extent into the dermis the same effect as a rejuvenating express mask.

Before choosing a cosmetic preparations against wrinkles around the eyes it is important to align their composition with an experienced beautician. He will recommend a specific line of products, with regard to the condition of the skin. For maximum effect it is better to use serums, masks and creams of one manufacturer. Remove deep permanent folds is possible only in the conditions of the cosmetics of the cabinet (injections, peels, mesotherapy).

effective mask for wrinkles around the eyes

Beauticians emphasize the attention – effective masks for smoothing of wrinkles must contain certain substances, regardless of the composition.

Anti-wrinkle mask with lifting-effect, are prepared on the basis of natural ingredients activate the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen, to the depth of the skin. These components hold moisture in the deep ball of the skin, normalize blood circulation. Their employment after 30 years.

A pronounced lifting-effect provide:

  • bananas;
  • clay;
  • honey;
  • gelatin;
  • cereal culture;
  • potatoes;
  • hyaluronic acid.

It is equally important to in masks and cosmetic products attended the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients:

  1. berries and fruits;
  2. marigold, aloe and chamomile;
  3. vitamin E;
  4. essential and vegetable of the hood;
  5. parsley and marigold.

For the amplification effect to the masks they useful, rich in vitamins components. Deserves attention:

  1. the phosphorus contained in fish and caviar;
  2. vegetable oils;
  3. egg yolk;
  4. coffee, minerals, salts;
  5. cream, milk;
  6. vitamins E, B, D, C.

Mask for wrinkles around the eyes appear diverse. In the composition it is better to include a few ingredients to obtain this or that result. This approach allows to accurately determine the components most appropriate for a person of consistency.

recipes for masks at home

For rejuvenation of the skin is not at all necessarily to visit beauty massage. Personally cooked a mask around the eyes of wrinkles at home is not worse, and in most cases even better finished formulations. Below presents a few recipes for the removal of the age of the folds, created by women all over the world.

olive-potatoes mask of wrinkles around the eyes

One of the best to date recipes, using which it is easy to get rid of the deep "goose feet".


  • 10 ml of olive oil based on almond or sea buckthorn;
  • 50 ml of raw potato puree;
  • 1 chicken egg yolk.

The ingredients are added to dishes and at the same time gently shuffled. The problem area carefully processed thick consistency. In a calm state, the woman spends up to 25 minutes. For the determination of the effect of the face rinse with running cold water. The periodicity of repeat – 2 times a week.


mask with aloe vera.

Effective mask based on aloe and honey promotes the smoothing of structural furrows.


  • 10 ml of honey;
  • 10 ml of sour cream;
  • 1 protein of chicken egg;
  • freshly squeezed aloe juice (better to take the lower sheet, the optimum age of plants – 3 years).

The egg white, add to a saucepan with the honey, and carefully stir. In the composition contribute aloe juice (sold in a pharmacy). Latest adds with sour cream, the components which increase the effect of other components.

Homogeneous consistency is applied on the face with a cotton swab. Useful action components of the mask maintained the longest 20 minutes, after which wash off the composition of is not the soapy cold water. For the determination of the outcome of the xiii spend with ice on the basis of chamomile decoction from Remaining after the treatment of the mixtures processed by the neck, in the chest area.

the mask of "the first", a shallow "goose feet"

Useful composition for the lady, not exited the 35-year-old age limit. This is the mask of the starch from wrinkles around the eyes, removes even deep structural changes in the epidermis.


  • 10 mg of starch;
  • 2 ml of vitamin E;
  • 10 ml of sour milk or sour cream (the fatter, the better);
  • 25 ml of carrot juice.

Starch is added to the lightly heated water, carefully stirring until complete dissolution. On a steam bath, is fed into the tender. In consistency contribute 100 ml of water. On low heat cook until getting a homogeneous thick paste.

In vegetable juices contribute to a thick consistency in the ratio of 1:1. For the last phase adds. essential oils (on request), vitamins, thoroughly stirred until smooth. Mask for wrinkles it is ready!

indications and contraindications

Anti-aging mask is characterized by a large amount of obvious benefits. Their characteristic feature is high efficiency and is hypoallergenic, since virtually all are based on natural and safe ingredients.

Indications for the use of the mask anti-wrinkle:

  • sagging skin, loss of elasticity;
  • atonic skin cover;
  • "crow's feet" in the area around the eyes;
  • pigmented spots;
  • low content of turgor in the dermis;
  • acne, rashes;
  • the age of 40 years.

If we talk in general, then at the first sign of structural changes to the skin cover, it is necessary to seek the advice of a beautician. He accurately determines the nature of the breach, the depth of the defect and help with their removal.


  • open wounds, skin damage;
  • individual intolerance of individual components;
  • a large number of moles and growths;
  • ulcers.

When a predisposition to allergic reactions should with caution use any masks.

rules for the use of masks

Masks against wrinkles assume the maximum caution in the use, because it is about the effects on the very delicate and sensitive layer of the dermis. It is important to clearly observe the rules of the recipe. Beauticians are advised to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Make sure, in the absence of an allergic reaction to the ingredients and components of ingredients specified in the recipe.
  2. Mask applied to clean skin with open pores.
  3. The mixture, under any circumstances, must not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes.
  4. If the composition turned too liquid, used as a compress or aids.
  5. Effects on the skin should be light, elegant, without intense friction. The composition is divided on the problem areas a thin layer and evenly.
  6. After completion of the procedure is not worth it to go out in the sun for 40 minutes.

That recommendation applies for all types of masks, regardless of the composition.

further care for the skin around the eyes

Other skin care around the eyes not less important than masks and beauty treatments. Xiii requires regular daily makeup in the form of a maintenance cream. Here are a few tips for the care of delicate epidermis of the zone around the eyes:

  • Cleansing the skin sheets – declining extent into the dermis without exception clean from the make-up and the normal dust accumulates in a day in the pores. It is best to use lotions, emulsions and milk, because it usually dries the skin.
  • Basic protection zone around the eyes. The derma is thin, it is very vulnerable, so to sunny skin of her process the sunscreen. It is important to wear sunglasses, which in time reduces the risk of education of the side folds.
  • Coquetry. Skin cover on my face provide the fed in the form of essential oils, vitamin complexes, and moisturizing lotions.

After 25 years of unkempt facial skin age of a person. This part of the body it is necessary to thoughtful and lean attitude.

recommendation beauty therapists

Beauticians have compiled a list of recommendations, after which it is easy to preserve youth and beauty of the skin regardless of age.

  1. Chlorinated water from the tap – under the taboo. Washing is better mineral or filtered water, the infusion or herbal decoction.
  2. Giving up makeup is not suitable for your skin type.
  3. After applying maintenance cream on the face to go out, can not earlier than 45 minutes.
  4. During the processing of the problem area masks, lotions and creams, it is important to layer their printing was thin, otherwise there is a danger of clogging the pores.
  5. More walk in the fresh air.
  6. Discard foods that contain preservatives and substitutes. Alcoholic beverages and soda dehydrate the structure of the dermis.

The above recommendations are common. They should have every girl and woman, regardless of age.

reviews women

Jan, 38 years

After 35 years, noticed that the upper eyelid has become a fast fall. Pull the cat's tail is not desirable and immediately joined in the fight for beauty. Used expensive creams and lotions with lifting-effect, but the strange result noticed, yes, expensive it is. Eventually she moved into a mask of aloe. Wrinkles around the eyes began to leave already after 4 treatments. Apply the mix 2 times a week. Try it, you won't regret it!

Ludmila, 42 years old

Enjoyed an amazing mask from potato starch. Thick porridge was in my case, this wand-wand. The ingredients in the kitchen of every housewife. Just 20 minutes a quiet and pleasant holiday, and from goose feet near the eyes and traces do not remain. If you're still in search of "their masks", I highly recommend it!