The most effective modern and natural methods, make the face look younger

Hi! Today we will touch a very important issue is, as time stay still so beautiful and young, toned face? With age, women are trying to look better, and modern cosmetology, as well as folk methods and means provide a large and effective options, how to make a face look younger. Let's understand how to approach this problem with the best solution.

Look younger and be younger – what's the difference

Youth is a state of the soul, as they say often people. But in the body with age occur the inevitable changes that contribute the most pleasant changes in appearance. And this is our appearance often betrays the age. To hide it, it is possible to use a variety of techniques. Some of them are really effective, while others are full of absurdity.

In an attempt to look younger ladies trying to retain the image and style with the time of youth, that looks ridiculous, and it's just terrible. To look younger, women have resorted to bright makeup, gaudy clothing, extravagant behavior. Injection into the skin of the faceAll this contributes to the external form of the so-called "molodyascheysya" adult women. And it is never on the face.

A different approach to how to make the face look younger – it is a modern and popular ways to slow down the aging process. The current belongs to all the miracles and the achievement of plastic surgery and cosmetology: facelift, botulinum toxin, ... bagging will be hormonal and other means. These methods can be useful, but in very small quantities.

And the vast majority of women is this limit. The result is a smooth skin without wrinkles with the help of botulotoxina 50 years looks like a stretched limitee face. On the one hand, the goal is achieved and the appearance of the obtained features of the "youth", well and on the other hand, a woman's face becomes inorganically and unnatural, that it in fact ages her in the eyes of others is much stronger than the complete lack of these procedures.

How to stay still young really

Slow down the aging processes of the organism is possible only from the inside. For it is necessary to pay attention to lifestyle and health: exactly these 2 parameters are essential for keeping youth and beauty in women.

A big role in the deterioration of the condition of the skin with age distracts the reduction of hormonal function, and also gynecological diseases. Estrogen is on guard of beauty and health of women, protects the skin and the body from pathological changes. Support normal hormonal background is very important for women. This is the reason why after menopause women especially carefully it is necessary to monitor consumption, and on the skin.

Another important aspect is that restful sleep and peace of mind as such. Lack of sleep, pressure and stress strongly hogging the body, increase the rate of aging.

It is shown that the women exchange work schedule have higher risk of developing various diseases and the aging on the outside, sometimes faster than their peers with a normal regime of work and rest. The normalization of their work plans – this is the next step to beauty and youth. Health alone your body directly affects this indicator.

Serious somatic diseases and their treatment negatively reflected on the appearance, therefore, it is necessary to address the timely diagnosis and treatment of deviations, in order to, as best you can. Beauty and youth – it is, above all, health!

The only stumbling block against which the little what you can do – it's genetics. For all of the people originally different occasions, so some can not grow old a very long time and look younger than their years. And the rest it is necessary to carefully monitor themselves, how to be young and fit despite the data in the passport.

Ways to facelift

Aging is associated with inevitable loss of tone of the skin and muscles, the formation of wrinkles, dryness and slackness of the skin. Change can be a garter persons. All the ways to "pull" the skin divided into surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical methods

These options are based on the moisture of the skin and creating lasting collagen frame, which slows down age-related loss of elasticity. Ultrasonic liftingIt includes the following methods:

  1. Criolifting: effects on the skin very low temperatures, normalizes the tone of the and increases the production of collagen. For the development of the action is to be not less than 5-6 procedures.
  2. Photothermolysis: by the action of the laser occurs the destruction of the "wrong" collagen and stimulation of the synthesis of a new, in the skin triggers the synthetic processes. Already 3 procedures show visible results.
  3. Ultrasonic lifting: influence of ultrasound has an effect on all layers of the skin, but also on the muscles. Permanent effect develops 3-5 year of use.

Injection techniques: the introduction of different materials in the layers of the skin allows to prolong youth without a more radical surgical methods, although the method is close to them, basically. Introducing such substances as:

  • 3D threads of absorbable material for the creation of new facial contours, the salt of hyaluronic acid (slowing down aging of the skin, increased collagen synthesis);
  • biorevitalizatsiya low molecular weight salt of the acid hyaluronovéom (hydration and rejuvenation of the skin);
  • bioreinforcement (salt of hyaluronic acid with a thick gel creates a "rebar" for the skin of the face, forming its natural youthful appearance);
  • plasmolifting (liquid component of blood with the wafers is introduced into the skin, accelerates regeneration, reduces wrinkles);
  • mesotherapy: the layers of the skin they insert various cocktails of biologically active substances, depending on the purpose of the procedure, it can do at a young age for the prevention of changes;
  • fillers: these substances create spatial modeling, creating the outline of those or other areas of fill biologically inert and is inserted into the greater depth of the skin, and the result can be similar to plastic surgery.


Surgical methods braces, also occur very different:

  1. Circular sculpture helena iridectomy: an incision is made in the area of the village and along the ear, it is possible to make another incision under the lower jaw.
  2. Spacelifter: the technique of cut is close to the iridectomy, but in parallel with the use of muscle elements to prolong the effect.
  3. Endoscopic tummy: the movement of the fabric through small incisions along the line of hair growth, shifted the skin to the muscles.

These methodologies are not without shortcomings, but also possible complications. The negative sides are the following points:

  • an allergic reaction that wrote the component;
  • infection infection through punctures and incisions;
  • scars and inflammation around the incisions;
  • stretching and thinning of the tissue;
  • is need longer time to recover after the surgery;
  • the deformation of the facial muscles in the sloppy technique, the risk of nerve damage;
  • surgical methods require general anesthesia, which can end deadly;
  • inattention to the contraindications to the operations;

As you can see, artificial methods of rejuvenation of the bear in itself many dangers and can become really a tragedy for women. A large number of cosmetic clinics does not give confidence in the success of these procedures and treatment of complications for them often happens it is not possible due to lack of necessary experts and equipment (for example, resuscitation in case of complications of anesthesia).

Natural methods of rejuvenation

To make the skin younger, it is possible to use more simple and safe methods of natural skin rejuvenation of the face. For it is well suited to external effects: mask, massage, gymnastics for the person, proper nutrition and sports. Let's first understand in the last paragraphs.


Proper nutrition for a youthful face

To look young and beautiful, it is necessary to lead a healthy life style: sleep at least 8 hours a night, will have bad habits. Physical activity should be do not exceed your first assistant: helpful to spend in the fresh air for 20-30 minutes a day, and the total number of aerobic load per week should be at least 150 minutes in the intensive mode. It will increase oxygenation of the blood and improve the nutrition of the skin.

Proper nutrition is the second cornerstone in the field of youth persons. The diet should be balanced in protein, fats and carbohydrates (60% carbohydrates, 15% fats, 25% protein), but also a complete. For face beauty should be consumed vegetable fats with a high content of omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids: olive, flaxseed, pumpkin.

A very popular and successfully uses the mediterranean diet: rich seafood, fiber, cereal, vegetables and fruit. This option is the power supply reduces the damage to the body by free radicals and protects cells from aging. Nutrition is crucial for preserving the youth in general and facial including!

Equally important is the drinking regime: for a beautiful and taut skin it is necessary to moisturize it, not only outside but also inside. For this day is necessary to drink at least one and a half liters of fluid, most of which should be water.

Features care

The external effect on the skin of the face is of great importance for the maintenance of her beauty. Cosmetics should match the age and needs. It is necessary to determine your skin type and choose the appropriate means.

To reduce the damage to the skin should use a day creams with a mixture of sunscreen filter: photoaging is one of the most discussed topics. It's not worth it to increase the number of damage funds: to optimally use no more than two layers to the skin: nourishing cream and tonal basis. Sugar is necessary to apply on the problem areas, but to reduce the greasiness of the skin it is necessary to reduce its quantity.

Moisturize the skin cover on the outside during the day micellar water for the face: it is enough to apply on skin 2-3 times during the day, a small amount of liquid with the help of the cotton disk. It will increase skin hydration and reduce the need for protective equipment.

Other methods

The extension of youth and beauty, contribute to the body of the procedure: masks, massages, gymnastics.


A nourishing and moisturizing mask should be the first item in the context of skin procedures. For it is necessarily to go to the salon – many masks can be made at home.

One of the latest innovations are alginate masks. Contain ingredients from marine algae and help to pull and refresh the skin: dry mixture should be diluted with water, for the face use a moisturizing lotion and cover the face with a thick layer of soft solution, let it dry for 40 minutes and rinse, after which use moisturizing lotion.

Has not lost its relevance masks out of clay: they are a good pulling toxins and contribute to a reduction in the number of wrinkles. The house is possible to use the products under the zika: for the skin is useful mask of sour cream, strawberries, cucumbers. Product of the year disintegrated into a homogeneous mass, and is superimposed on a clean skin for 15-20 minutes.

For the development of the effect of the organic components must be regular use. Vegetable masks contribute to the prolongation of the freshness of the skin sheets and have minimal allergic effects on the body.

Massage lines


Massage of the face, improves skin tone and restores the microcirculation in the deep layers of the dermis. Massage they do according to the rules: before the procedure it is necessary to clean the face and rub the power supply with a cream or massage oil, it is necessary to proceed to a massage in the evening for a couple of hours before bedtime, and it day better to refrain from massage and the subsequent application of decorative cosmetics.

Classic massage carried out in the following way: in a relaxed position begins stroking the skin in the direction of the massage lines, gradually increasing the pressure. We must act gently, and especially in the area around the eyes. Massage the lines have a direction:

  • from the chin to the ears;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the ear sinks;
  • from the nose to the temples;
  • from the faces and backs in a circle to the temples;
  • on the bridge of the nose up into the center of the forehead and along the sides, forming the letter T;
  • from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, on the bottom side;
  • from the inner edge of the eye to the left on the upper eyelid;
  • on the bridge of the nose on the side of the scalp.

Each movement should be repeated 6-10 times, and the duration of one session – 10 minutes. It is possible to perform a massage every day courses for 10-15 procedures per month. If women are menstruation, then the procedure carried out after their completion, because in the period of menstruation decreases the tone of the skin and may develop swelling of the.


Gymnastics strengthens metabolic processes and prolongs the youthful appearance of the face and your body. Exercise is better to do in the evening, and then apply a moisturizing mask. The value of action: 2-3 times a week.

Attention! Exercise tightens the muscles, it gives you the opportunity to fight with a saggy face, but from wrinkles it is better to use massage. Therefore, it is important to understand your own picture of the face and to understand which muscles are in hypertonicity, and you need to relax by using a massage, and that in the hypotonia – here it will be appropriate to gymnastics.

Gymnastics and massage the most effective and efficient natural methods that I know of, but you have to be careful, because it is possible to get hurt and worsen the problem, if it is wrong. It should be at least a little versed in the muscles on the face, to understand, for what reason specifically you have to face develop wrinkles and why the lameness of the skin. For best result it is very important to understand, it is best to find a good specialist in this field and try to pass with him a course of massage and the resulting, if you are in the city that do not have helen you can't find it, look on the internet and make it at home, it is not less effective, for example, right now there are a variety of courses, and it's free and paid video lessons such professionals as Carol Media, Emma Hardy, Santa Maria Runge, Camille Volker, and so on

I will say this, I tried everything and even more, they are very similar and some even copy each other. I advise a specialist who really looks good for 47 years and the technique is it includes exercises and massage, and lymphatic drainage of the face, what makes it different from others. First you take the person in accordance with their expectations, it will take up to 2 months, then just maintain the effect of exercise 2 times a week. The costs are small, but the result on the face, so to speak.


Gymnastics and massage to do and not to do when:

  • open wounds on the face;
  • pustular skin eruptions, inflammation, fungal infection;
  • after a peel, laser resurfacing, injections for 1-2 weeks;
  • after plastic operations;
  • dermatological diseases (psoriasis, acne, dermatitis).

Massage and gymnastics can do a person of any gender, such ways can make the face look younger and a man and a woman. Treatments have no age restrictions.


For it to look fresh and young, it is necessary to correctly apply makeup. There are frequent misconceptions about how painted to look younger. Not worth it to do the following:

  • use several layers of cosmetics to generate tones (cream base, cream foundation, concealer, powder): a large number of cosmetics sees to premature aging of the skin;
  • the amount of catchy and extravagant colors, emphasis on the lips and on the eyes;
  • shimmering glitter on the lips and shiny intakes – intake of young girls, with age looks inharmonious;
  • the lack of cleaning of the skin before applying makeup as well as moisturizer;
  • broad arrows and broad eyebrows: despite the fashion age women;
  • mascara unusual colors, especially in combination with colorful shadows.

In the evening the images of the domestic use of vibrant colors to create a more expressive life. You need to realize that so you can highlight either the eyes or lips to look like according to age and vulgar. With the help of make-up it is possible to rent a freshness, if:

  • moisturize and cleanse the skin from makeup;
  • apply the shadows pastel shades to create a natural environmental;
  • reduce the amount of makeup on the eyes: laminating eyelashes, tattoo;
  • the elimination of fatigue – apply a little white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye;
  • the folding of the base means under the eyes very flavorful Pat moves to the outside line can be applied to the tone lighter;
  • under the eyebrow apply shadow on the tone lighter than it is for the opening of the view;
  • for the determination of the manner of folding the powdered sugar into knots: the nose, the cheekbones, the chin, the lower part of the forehead, it will reduce the burden on the skin;
  • during the day you mats napkins helena micellar water for the revival of the colors.

Make the face look younger must be approached comprehensively: attention to health, lead an active lifestyle, to eat right and take care of your skin. Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery provide a good effect, but can significantly damage due to the presence of a large number of complications even to this day.

Aggressive use of these techniques is even with a good outcome may contribute to the age discrepancy and the negative impression in an attempt to "revive". A significant role in maintaining youth and the beauty of the face play a vitamins and trace elements. Home treatments, massages and gymnastics help to carry out prevention of premature aging of the skin and maintain its vitality and health. Some of the tricks in makeup also help to improve your face and hide the signs of aging.