How to care for skin after 30 years

At a young age, it seems that skin will always supple, soft and glowing. And it is not necessary to exert any effort. But sometimes, in order to achieve the "natural" colors, modern older (sometimes very young) ladies must apply it on the skin, as a minimum, the four means (it sounds ridiculous): the foundation (base layer), tonal, powdered sugar and corrector (concealer). So it doesn't happen to you, that it is necessary to ensure the proper care of skin after 30 years (possible even earlier).

On what depends the condition of the skin

skin care after 30

Start taking care of yourself, if possible, not with 50 years and during the onset of adolescence, postpone it for later. Then comes the old age, together with her climax, ulcers, grandchildren and I to youth and beauty. There is no need to see here a challenge to throw all the things and run to a plastic surgeon or a beautician (although it sometimes does not hurt). It is never too late.

Sure, my mom repeated about daily care, and even explained what to do and how. But for some reason mom lecture left to go anywhere. And just looking close up to the reflection in the mirror and saw the first wrinkles, remembered her lessons. The idea of this post is simple: the sooner you start care, the more funds and time saving later.

For starters, you break down the causes of aging. After all, no wonder they say that to achieve victory, the enemy need to know in person. For this factors affecting the state of the skin, explore most carefully and choose the method of struggle with each. In the yard the age of advanced technology and science moves forward by leaps and bounds, but only a means to slow the aging of cells of the epithelium, no one comes. And tool, completely that the reaction has to regulate, it remains the dream of all women.

Wilting of the skin, especially on the face, support the following reasons:

  • genetic inheritance;
  • time;
  • the natural conditions;
  • bad habits (lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol);
  • nutrition;
  • external factors (cuts, wounds);
  • the state of health.

Regardless of the side of the genetic component (an influence on it now, no one is in power) to examine the factors that one is able to change or minimize their negative impact, and ways of adjustment.


From the 30 years begins wilting of the skin. It shows a decrease in turgor (tension), sagging (loss of elasticity), the emergence of mimic and age wrinkles. These processes appear due to age, the loss of hyaluronic acid.

To slow down the run time without magic, which none of us have, of course, it is impossible. But with the help of special anti-aging agents (peptide lotions, serums with hyaluronic acid, politely look at any age is in our hands. And not always requires huge resources, and the extreme measures of plastic. Like once we leave it for later.

Natural conditions

The sun, wind, frost – dosage can be according to the time, or change the place of residence. Fairly on not, it won't work. So knowing the impact, it remains a design:

  • the sun's rays evaporate the moisture and destroys the UV, this means that the use of the moisturizing cream to LIFT the filter in the summer will help you avoid the consequences;
  • the wind deadens the top layer and dried, you will be able to exfoliation and nourishing cream;
  • frost, its effect is inconclusive, positive, intertwined with negative, neutralize the negative in the winter needs nourishing (fatty) cream.

Bad habits

This factor is in the hands of every woman. Give up cigarettes, alcohol, in time to go to bed able to everyone. Another thing is that many simply do not want to, either in the fight with the habits of wins banal laziness. Because of the possibility of there are always to work in shifts - daytime sleep should be complete, not less than 7 hours. During this time the body can recover. And due to the fact that regeneration after 30-35 slowing down need all 8.


Man is what he eats. The correct saying with a little modified – it is necessary to take into account and the work of the digestive tract. Nutrition should be complete. Consumption of large amount of fruits and vegetables, the presence in the diet of oatmeal and soups, will contribute the correct exchange of substances, stable functioning of the digestive system. Which would mean the improvement of the character and appearance of the.

External influences

Regular injury (if it is active playing skirmishes, boxing), the use of irritating remedies, stay in premises with aggressive environment – beauty is not exactly the add. Scars and adhesions adorn only men. Therefore, these factors need to be eliminated.


All illness, stress, infection is immediately reflected on the face. They manifest themselves in the form of unpleasant rashes, redness, dark circles under the eyes, swelling and unhealthy color (icteric, gray, earthy). To avoid these problems you normal health prevention.

In it are included annual clinical examination, vaccination against the most common infections and the right lifestyle.

From the stress well helps sedatives.

A few general tips

masks for face

Let's summarize: to achieve the effect of rejuvenation, or to keep the youthful face of one means not enough. It will take a number of measures and cosmetic products. They will be focused on:

  • cleansing (including removal of dead cells), restoring the life forces (toning);
  • hydration and nutrition.

In the first stage it is necessary to remove all the external environment. A day on the skin settles a huge amount of dust particles, harmful impurities (from the exhausts of cars), of chemical agents, which are in abundance contained in the air of large cities. For the night they accumulate sweat and products selections (fat).

Products discharge reshuffled after clog the pores, forming inflammatory foci, redness, blackheads.

First, foam, water wipe the face, then (no more than 3 times a week) use a light scrub, exfoliating Horny cells. We evaluate the tonic and apply the appropriate (day or night) cream for the face. The area of the eyes and the lips, I applied the cream, but designed just for these purposes.

The second is aimed at supplementing the nutrients needed for skin regeneration. Moisturizing, lightweight cream with particles, retains moisture, is necessary in summer periods, when high temperature increases the loss of water. Food, respectively, more greasy cream is essential in winter, when the body needs to provide heat.

After cleaning, after 30 years, added another step – replenish the skin cells of hyaluronic acid. For this on applying the cream you can use the peptide cocktails, healing serum.

In addition to daily care, once in two-three days it is advisable to carry out a deeper care – masks, means for stimulating the metabolic processes, oils, extracts.

In the ideal case, every woman in addition to decorative cosmetics in the bathroom on the shelf must state:

  • day and night cream;
  • means for care of the skin around the eyes and lips (usually in combination);
  • foam for washing the face or micellar water;
  • agent for easy peeling;
  • tonic;
  • serum with hyaluronic acid

The main rule for the preservation of health and beauty skin – care should be regular and daily. Allocate 15 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening, not as difficult as people think. And watching tv programmes once in two-three days it is possible to combine with the use of masks.

Home care

The most popular is care in the home environment. So it does not require the additional cost of paying the work of beauticians. In the role of their acts by the patient.

There are misconceptions that only a salon procedures are able to preserve youth and health of the skin. Properly used folk remedies sometimes much more effective than the factory. Because in them are contained the live folder.

Masks from fruits, vegetables and berries contain greater amounts of vitamins than from the manufacturer. And that means, and the effect of them will be higher. The life-giving power of honey (you can look further in the video) and of propolis, it is also desirable to use in unprocessed form.

Many recipes for masks collected from the manufacturers from a database of folk recipes. After all, it is not surprising that large producers are held annually competitions for the best recipes.

At home, you can use the berries in pure form, which saves a huge amount of time. Simple tools to become a powerful weapon against aging skin. Mineral water in the form of ice – tones and invigorates not worse than the theft of lotions. White with its nourishing properties it is able to compete, except that with the placenta. His ability to pull the pores and smooth the small wrinkles scientifically proven.

Into the hands of the beautician

One trip to the beautician replaced a week care in the home environment. But assuming that the specialist is highly qualified and the trip will not be a one-time event. Find masters of their case is quite difficult. Beauty salons is becoming every year more.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the reviews that leave the visitors in the book of complaints and suggestions (if any), or find on the internet. You can ask around at the well-known girls, who have already enjoyed similar services. It is also need to pay attention to the specialization of the guide.

The second defect (after a search), it is enough high price for the services. But this problem is solved easier. On the first visit, the visitor always gets the recommendations of a cosmetologist care, choice of means of specific the most effective company.

At this time breathe out just a salon procedures (chemical peeling, some masks, injections of beauty, and so on). Subsequently, after the agreement (beautician people, too) only in their behavior. The master even tells you what kind of masks and where best to do. The rest of the steps needed to spend it alone.

It is also possible for the arrangement to create a program for the week, which also include the home and cabin care.

The softness of the age structure of the care

bad habits

To avoid damage to the weakened skin of all the women, stepping through the 30 years of the trademark, you must adhere to certain rules and secrets:

  1. Apply the cream to be light hammered movements, not allowing the friction, which is stretched and traumatic to the skin;
  2. The procedure to perform not only the face but also the neck area and the neck, they require no less care;
  3. Consider the skin type and pick up the funds, only appropriate just for him, watch out for the age. After all, care for dry or combination skin 25 years old woman needs, it's so, how to care for oily skin for 30 years;
  4. Night cream apply the best about an hour before going to bed;
  5. Lipid, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid complexes it is better to apply for the use of domestic cream;
  6. Before going to bed, drink plenty of fluids, possible edema;
  7. Daily massaging with your fingertips, as well as the contrasting water procedures is able to without collagen, increase elasticity, and increase skin tone.

Ideally skin care after 30 years should combine both salon procedures, so even a home. Because without a daily moisturizing and cleansing will be incomplete. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We wish your skin youth, health and light.